Athens Marathon – Training log Week #16

In case you didn’t see it ….


19 DAYS TO GO!!!!

Can I freak out now?????

I can not believe it has been 16 weeks already! This means I have been training for 112 days :O #speechless I seriously can not believe that in less than 20 days I’ll be lining up at the start of my first ever marathon and not only that but THE AUTHENTIC marathon! 120 years after it all started… I have goosebumps…

Ok, so last week it was me trying to get back on the horse after being pretty sick for about 10 days.

Tuesday: Tried to run and ending up coughing like crazy😦 so I had to stop and turn around and go home in less than a mile…

Thursday: 2.7 VERY easy miles…

Saturday: 10 miles long run again very easy.

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 15.39.21.png

Sunday I tried to meet up with my friend Corey for a pilates class, and I ended up waiting for the bus for about 20 mins and by the time I found out there was an issue and the bus won’t show it was too late to get there in time😦 Not cool #TfL …. (Sorry Corey and Eileen for not showing up)…

I know the past two weeks my training has been totally off, but as my good friend Corey reminded me today, I can turn it around. It is not too late and not all is lost – always had a thing for the dramatic😛

Weekly mileage: 12.7 (-ish)

Total mileage: 294.7

I will add the 13.1 from my half the week before to this one😉

Total mileage: 307.8

Weekly cross-training session: 0

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So I was in the subway – or the “tube” as Londoners call it – this morning on my way to work – and about 25 mins late – and I was thinking…

I like Fridays (who doesn’t LOL?) and this is the day when I usually catch myself kinda thinking about my week, doing my “mental” calculations of how my  week has been… Likes, dislikes, troubles.

The hardest part for all people – to my opinion – is not to be honest with other people, since that can be done by omission …. is to be honest with themselves. About things we are worried about, things that scare us, even things we would like to downright gloat about and we think it might give the wrong impression…

So I decided on a new weekly post – #FridayTruths🙂 – And maybe take it a step further, and  turn it into a link up soon🙂 – thoughts on that???? !!

Truths — here we go!

⊗ Seven years ago I met a girl🙂 And we hit it off immediately. the last time I saw her was when I met her… but we kept in touch all those years. Just one of those friendships where it doesn’t really matter how often you see each other in person… She visited London with her boyfriend last week and they stayed over with @mymamus and I🙂 It was aweosme to see her again❤

2009                                                                    2016


⊗ Because of a nasty cold I didn’t run for 10 days straight… I feel like this totally screwed up my marathon training😦


⊗ Had one of the WORST runs ever last night… 2.7 miles and EVERYTHING was sore and stiff

⊗  I have totally let go of my marathon goal A – which was a 4hr time… and I have gracefully moved on to goal B – just finish the damn thing…. – that one was a hard Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 12.50.57one to admit😦


⊗ Marathon training is HARD and I am sick of it…. I know it sounds harsh and I know I shouldn’t complain since I chose to do it but it is a TRUTH!


⊗ Being in London doesn’t suck as much as it did suck this time of the year last year…😀

⊗ @mymamus and I had our first event together😀😀 – and I am just grateful to be alive LOL! I did promise him there would be no running just fun stuff…well that wasn’t exactly the case and after we were done he totally wanted to KILL ME!!



Well, that’s me, being honest – with no omissions and no second thinking – with you all🙂

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40

Trail-running ESSENTIALS from a first-timer’s point of view.

Hello hello🙂

How is your week? I have to tell you, it is only Wednesday and it feels like it is already Friday …. I think I am just more tired than usual cause I am recovering from that nasty cold! I feel much better, but my cough is pretty persistent😦 So my running plans for today went down the drain… Running and coughing ain’t a good combo😉

Speaking of running, do you  guys remember about a month ago, when I had my first (ever) trail-running race? It was a 7km Maverick Race with the North Face team. So, I thought I’d share my experience and what I learnt as a first-timer with all of you and spare any of you that wants to try it, the issues that I faced🙂 I’ve been meaning to write this post for sooo long – thank work for keeping sooooo busy the past few weeks LOL😛 !

So let’s dive into it, shall we?

1. Shoes

If you have a pair of trail running shoes…🙂 Awesome! If you don’t and you are like me where you wouldn’t want to splurge for something you have no clue if you ‘ll like… my suggestion is to find an old (they ‘ll get muddy) pair with a thick sole. Not just in the heel bit but also in the front.

Also it’s a good idea to take with you another pair of shoes or flip flops because you don’t want to get into your “getting home” vehicle of transportation along with all the dirty😉


2. Race

Go short! I know it is tempting to choose the 10km, 20km or more race because “why would I ONLY do 5km or 7km right???”

Well, hold you horse there! You ‘ve never done it before, you don’t even know if this will be “your cup of tea” as they say around here😉

Also another important note is to be mindful of your route so you wont get lost!! In my first trail run – that was one of the things that SERIOUSLY worried me…- I ended up running the last 3km totally by myself, couldn’t see anyone in front of me or behind me. Make sure you know the markings and keep an eye on signals and ribbons on trees!


3. Food

Well this is a pretty simple one:

Trail running => trails =  (country side + mountains +) – (civilisation + shops)

So, make sure you pack everything you might need to eat or drink. Pre race snacks, fuelling, post race snacks and something extra😉 Some races do provide water – but better safe than thirsty – and some also provide snacks but they do cost an arm and a leg…

4. Change of clothes

If you are lucky it will not rain, but you will still get dirty. Trails = mud. No matter if it is a lot muddy or not so much there will still be places where you ‘ll get dirty and wet like from a muddy paddle to a small crick. Also make sure you have a few layers on, even in the summer it can get chilly out in the country side.


5. Plastic bags

I can not stress this one enough… all your wet muddy gear would have to go back with you! Well, I didn’t think of that… I had to go around looking for something to put in my super muddy things before I put them on my bag pack. I did but it took me a while and it was annoying…


6. Mud & other nasty, dirty things

So, you are all done with your race, and you just got home… With a pile of dirty stuff… Now what?!?! Well first of, do NOT try to clean your shoes if they are still wet – and do NOT put them in the washing machine!!! Unless you want to have to call a plumber right after and spent the afternoon mopping water of the floor.

Shoes – let the mud dry, then hit them together once mud has solidified and it ‘ll start coming off. Then you can wash them if you like.

Clothes – make sure there is no solid mud on them, and put them straight in the washing at a higher temp than you usually was your running kits. Why? Well first of, if you stick them in laundry basket wet they will stink… and second, you need to ELIMINATE the possibility that you ‘ve brought with you a “guest” like fleas or any short of bugs! This is the thing that freaks me out the most (since last year when we got bedbugs aaaargg!! :O )  and this is why my clothes go from plastic bag to 50C wash…

7. Camera and photos

Well, trail are not straight or an open space. Also there will be times where you run literally in a row and the people behind you  don’t want to stop for you to take a photo, so don’t… I ended up holding my cell phone and taking photos on the move —>



8. If you like it… Do it again!!



I hope these tips help any other first timers out there! All and all if you are properly prepared, trail running can be a wonderful experience!! Try to leave your music at home as well… it is really worthy it to feel the peace and quite!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

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What does a DECATHLON, a Sunday Roast & a Penguin have in common?!?!?!


Hi there people🙂

Hope you had an awesome weekend!!!

We had a blast😀 – apart from the fact that I still have the nastiest cough ever…😦

So, Saturday after I went into work for a few hours to check on a few things, I have to admit I spent the rest of my day on the couch (equivalent to my bed since we have some friends over and we have happily given away our bed😉 ) watching House on Netflix and napping and eating Chinese take away🙂 Yes, THAT productive lol! But I needed the rest more than I knew since I still felt quite a bit under the weather…

As for Sunday… well it was AWESOME!!!


@mymamus and I, met up with Corey and he husband Glen to have fun  compete😉 at  a really cool event at Decathlon in Canada water! Totally❤ this photo of the four of us😉

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 21.21.29.png

I was so excited to do this!! Apart from the fact that it was so much fun, it is the first event @mymamus and I did together🙂

So what was it all about?

10 stations

10 decathletes

1 minute per station 

Let the best man win😉 – or woman (hint, hint, hint)

(Since we were all competing that means my official photographer aka @mymamus didn’t take that many photos this time… but the officials are coming out soon🙂 )

Power bike – top resistance… now that was hard! I managed 57 meters in minute.

Mini golf. I ‘ve never done that before and managed 2 out of 20 in a hole – but it was still really fun!


Hula Hoop for 1 minute! Now that one, I totally smashed🙂


Pop up tent! Have I mentioned how much I hate those things??? They are sooooo disobedient lol!!! But it did it under a minute🙂

Boot lace up! Those hiking boots were no joke.

Put on a wetsuit, flippers and a mask in under a minute… well I think it took me a little more than a minute cause I couldn’t stop laughing…

boxing pad punches – I managed 210 punches in a minute, my arms were on fire but I have to admit it made me realize I have kinda missed boxing a little. Oh yes I use to box have I mentioned that?!?!😉 Even though my form on this photo makes me cringe😉


Darts! – not too bad but still not great. I think I need a beer or two to be good at that😉

Basketball – I managed to score 4 shots… Out of… well let’s not talk about it. I am not short or anything😛 maybe a little vertically challenged LOL As for the photo, yes I am totally looking like “where the heck did this ball bounced off to?!?!”


Put on high visibility clothes/gloves/hats in 30 seconds and then sprint 100 yards for another 30 – it’s a miracle i didnt fell on my face lol😛


The day was awesome, the weather was great, and I got to do all these fun things with good friends and my special other half🙂


Also, at the end, we all got a £10 gift card each AND medals and there was one winner…. Can you guess who that was?? Yup, that’s right! This great gal here😉 Totally nailed it girl!!!


After that I have to admit we were pretty tired (and hungry…) and we met up with our very good friend Kat and her mum who was visiting from Austria along with a friend🙂 And we all head to an (amazing) local pub for dinner and a beer😉 The food took a while and as you can see Piroska and I were not happy but my Sunday roast was totally worth it!!



AND I got THE BEST PRESENT EVER !!!! Thank you soooooo much mama-Piri😉🙂❤ I love this woman!!!!


This little penguin is ALL MINE – my hand knitted name on it kinda gives it away😉

I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend🙂 Spent it getting some much needed rest surrounded with some of my favourite people and having an amazing time! Needless to say the moment we got home and I hit the pillow I was plain dead asleep…. but feeling #grateful #loved #full😀

How was your weekend?? I would love to hear all about!!!

PS: Thank you Decathlon for inviting me to this fun event! Can’t wait for next year when hopefully I ‘ll be the one with the trophy – watch out Corey girl😉 hahaha!

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Why I’ve been MIA, the London marathon ballot & the GIVEAWAY winner!

Hi there🙂

yup, it’s been a while… two weeks. I really don’t think I have ever stayed away from my blog for such a long time. Saying that life took over would be a total understatement! So grab a cup of coffee and let’s catch up… what do you do when life is running out of control? well, you kinda run along playing catch up I guess!

So what has happened the past two weeks… well as you ‘ve probably remembering me saying the past two weeks were extremely crucial for my experiments. And that is what I did… work, work, work and then work some more. Also – with some good timing and a side of luck – I tapered for my half marathon last week. Or at least this was the excuse I used to myself for only running a 5km the whole week… The outcome? Well I got both bad and good news…

I went from this —>


to this —>


and then this –>


in about 2 days😦

So let’s see…

The good news: my experiment looks like it’s working🙂🙂 – not totally out of the woods yet but hopefully will be by mid next week!! Also got a new PB for my royal parks half marathon!! 1:59:35 😀 Yup, I know cut it pretty close! I swear I haven’t sprint like that before. EVER…. I felt like my life depended on it!

The bad news: I got the nastiest (is that even a word?@?@) upper respiratory infection again… the even worse news? I had to work through it😦 plus the weekend…. I feel totally crappy, weak, tired but most of all worried!! Missed a full week of marathon training and I am terrified!

I ‘m feeling a little better today and tomorrow I will attended an awesome event at Decathlon😉 more to come soon ! So let’s hope that I am indeed getting better!

Ok, let’s move on to other news🙂

London marathon ballot😦


Maybe next year…. I did get a really cool running sweater out of it though and I wore it today to work – perks of being a scientist, no dress code lol – and I saw another lady wearing it on the subway🙂 we smiled and secretly high fived each other🙂

The GIVEAWAY winner for this incredible book that I totally loved!


(drum roll sound……………………….😉 )


Congratulations Gabrielle😀😀 Email me your address at !!

As for work, well my afternoons look a lot like this —>


along with piles of tissues, cough syrup, chamomile tea and pills…. oh the fun!

I really believe that about 4 days ago my body was like “oh, you can keep running around like a mad woman it’s totally cool. I will just take a moment…” and that was it…

Finally here are some random photos from the past two weeks🙂

If I look in pain in some of them it is because I was…the last 1000m was incredibly hard! Also what do you think of @mymamus supporting #teamspinal??? (yes, he was carrying the banner😉 )


This cool event at sweaty betty called hip hop yoga from TAPPED water🙂 Literally felt like bliss after 5 straight days of my sitting in a chair in a small cold room performing experiments… so relaxing ….

oh and a reminder! Our virtual 5km run is ON this month! Sigh up and get your awesome blink running along with Penny plain fit and me🙂


So that’s what I have been up to the past few days… what about you people?? any new  PBs I might have missed or awesome news to share??

Have a great weekend!

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Food For Running Success Book Review & GIVEAWAY!!

Hello everyone🙂

How is your week so far? Things over here have been pretty hectic with me being at work for about 12 to 13 hours a day but since things are working so far I have absolutely no complaints🙂 . Training has slowed down this week – and this is totally intentional – since my half marathon is coming up on Sunday – and I was swamped….


Speaking of training, there is one aspect that I have to admit I have been struggling with since I started this cycle, or even from before that. That is food and fuelling. I have done all the rookie mistakes – as expected – along with gaining 8 – 10 lbs during training for my first half marathon and going into an evening long run with merely a banana and an insufficient lunch before it.

I don’t know if it is the fact that I have been crazy busy or just not organised lately but yes my eating has been totally all over the place.

With all the above in mind, about a month ago, I got an email from an editor asking me if I was interested to review a running related book that would be coming out soon. I read a bit about the book and when I saw it was called  “Fast Fuel – Food for Running Success” I literally jumped at the opportunity! It could not have come at a better time!


I have to admit in the beginning I was a little scared, since given the new hype of “healthy lifestyle professionals” who have been all around the internet giving advice on matters that they are totally cluelles and untrained for (yes, I know other topic for other time…) or promoting fake/unhealthy diets, food replacements and pills, I really wanted to know who the author was and how qualified she was.

So I did my research (occupational hazard LOL), read the book and tried a few recipes. The author is   Renee McGregor who is a REAL sports nutritionist – you know one of those that actually go to school for it! – with several academic degrees who works with professional and elite athletes. She is one of the best in the UK!


I totally fell in love with the book! The main reason is because Renee uses science to support all of her suggestions in the book. And trust me when I tell you, I have been asked to review a few of those “clean eating” guides that clueless people write and I ‘ve had my hair standing up on the top of my head with all the misguided misconceptions that i have read… This book, I will happily recommend because I honestly believe that it can educate the runner. Here are a few main points that I really liked:

  • It gives you a very good – scientific but still understandable – introduction on how the body works when food is consumed and what is the break down process.
  • It gives you example of meal plans depending on the type of training you have scheduled for the day (HIIT, speed work, easy runs etc) and also explains what your body needs and why, depending on what type of work out you do.
  • It provides you with real life examples. It does NOT offer a specific diet or a meal plan rather it gives the reader all the tools it needs to make his/her own meal plan tailored to their needs.
  • It has some really yummy recipes and offers home made alternatives to all store bought types of fuelling.

screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-06-26-28All and all I would recommend this to any runner who wants to improve their performance but can’t budget in £100/visit for nutritionist appointments😉

I read most of it in the subway on my way to and from work, but I soon realised that this was more like a guide that you study than a book that you read – totally my style😉 – so I started high-lighting and note keeping so I can really remember all the bits I want to!

And exactly because I liked it so much, I am doing a GIVEAWAY and one lucky reader would get their very own copy of “Fast Fuel – Food for Running Success”😀😀 To enter the the giveaway go here –>

a Rafflecopter giveaway


So here is my rating for the book: 10/10🙂

Oh and don’t forget it is almost the weekend🙂 Have a great rest of the week everyone!!

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40

*Disclaimer: I did receive a free copy of the book in order to review it, however this is, as ALWAYS, my very OWN personal opinion.

Athens Marathon – Training log Week #14

Hi everyone🙂

How was your week? I know I have been very silent this past week but I am not even going to mention how busy I have been! The next two weeks will be super crucial for my research and I needed to make sure i had all I need and that everything was in place! I am quite anxious about it but I have a good feeling – and great people to work with😉

So how did my week went? Slow, like really slow… After my (very first ever) 20 miler the week before I took 2 days off to recover, mostly mentally lol😛 ! But then work came into high gear so I had my first run of the week on Wednesday… Yeah I know…

Wednesday: 5k tempo run – unfortunatelly  little slower than what I would ‘ve liked but at least I got it done even though I was totally not feeling it and oh so tired! Also have i mentions how much I love fall?? Look at this beauty!


Saturday: Speed work – 1km w/u, 4×800 , 1.5km cool down. Totally love these treadmills at the Castle centre (review coming this week stay tuned!!!) were you can visually “see” yourself going around the track!


Sunday: Long run – 15 miles (around 25km) in about 2:20 ish! Not too shabby😉 That was a good one! I did need a good run since my last too long runs were – mentally – very challenging! And yesterday was a win!🙂

That was my face afterwards😉

As for the rest of my weekend it was pretty chilled😀

Spent Saturday with my good friend Jen celebrating her birthday with a visit to the aquarium (better photos coming soon😉 ), a girlie lunch and chocolate cake after dinner!

I cleaned up pretty nicely i believe😉


Sunday after my run I went by the lab to make sure everything was all good for the week and got to hang out with my friend Kat for a while afterwards. So all and all a good weekend😀

Also I am super excited to run the Royal Parks half marathon this Sunday! I am aiming for a sub – 2hours – missed it for 6 minutes last time – so wish me luck🙂

Weekly mileage: 22.2

Total mileage: 282.0

Weekly cross-training session: 1 (if you count the amount of carrying and up and down the stairs i had to do on Friday😉 )

Hope you all have an amazing week!!🙂

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40