First 10k race !


My very first race (as an adult, since my last one was about 13 years ago…) was a 10k this past Sunday. Regents park was beautiful and despite the cold the scenery made the race well worth it. What an amazing time! Everyone was in a great mood, and people where cheering and smiling at each other.

Now this is one of the most important reasons why I LOVE running so much! It is the only sport where elite athletes and amateur runners are together. You are not competing against other people, you are competing against the distance, yourself and the elements.

In this race I was running to raise awareness for Spinal Research. And hopefully i will be running for the same cause in all of my future races! Spinal research is a leading organisation for researching potential therapies for spinal cord injury.

My time was 1:04 – not bad considering that a week before the race i was landed in the ER with abdominal pain…

The route was 3 loops around the outer circle of the park, which means you get to see all the pretty wooden sculptures and … many cool animals like camels, giraffes and zebras since the London Zoo is right around the corner!


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