Morning Workouts? 5 Steps to rock them!

Hello 🙂

If about 4 months ago you’ve told me that i ‘d be excited to get my booty of bed at 6am to work out i ‘d call you certifiably crazy and call it a day…

What changed? Well we moved to London and things are a little different know. Around these parts of the woods dark comes pretty early in the winter aka its dark at around 4:40pm …. and is quite cold as well. Also since now i live about 40 minutes away from the lab (good ol’ days when i was 15′ walking away in NYC) i need to include commute time to my day as well. I promise i tried to get back after work and do my cross-training but… just couldn’t make it happen, EVER!

Only solution, try before work! I won’t lie the first week was brutal! Not so much the wake up part, waking up 30mins earlier wasn’t a big deal. But the get motivated and get moving was a HUGE deal.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 12.35.10

These 5 steps helped me out a great deal and maybe you find them useful too:

1. Hit the sack!

Go to bed… I mean it! Put your phone/laptop aside (says me LOL – i know i m trying!) and go to bed and sleep. The more you get into the routine your body will become accustom to it. And then it might like it (no promises there… but at least it’ll do it!)

2. Have your outfit ready

Trying to find a sock or sports bra in the dark? Hmm i don’t think this will work! What will probably happen is either you ‘ll bump on to stuff/ get frustrated and give up and/or you’ll wake up everyone else in the house and i m quite sure they won’t appreciate it (LOL)!

What i do? I put my outfit and sneakers by the couch and put them on the moment i step out of bed.

3. Look forward to breakfast afterwards

I don’t know about you but as much as I wanted to be able to get a bite in before my work out i am not, i repeat i am NOT willing to wake up half an hour early to make that happen (without me throwing up that is…).

What i do? I have some water and just go for it. Now before every healthnutt (like myself here) tries to bite my head of about it just know that the human body can happily perform tasks aka cardio, weight lifting etc without any short of energy for about half an hour.

So what keeps me pushing through this 6am cross-training  sessions? The thought of breakfast! Yummy fruit and protein smothie for the take 😀 Or if i have the time, usually on the weekend its always scrambled eggs and avocado toast!

4. Short & sweet


That is the best advice i was given. 30 minutes is a good time frame for any kind of cardio/weights routine. My current favourite is Fitness Blender, their 30 minutes workouts are challenging, fun and fast paced the way i love it! Best part?? it is absolutely FREE to use all their videos.

5. Enjoy the aftermath

Come on now? Who could tell me that the feeling you get when you know that by 7:30am you have your workout done, all showered and ready to tackle the day isn’t AWESOME! I love this feeling. It gets addictive and that is another reason why you won’t even consider pressing snooze again in the morning 🙂



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