Stretch Stretch and then Stretch some more!!!


I can not stress enough how important stretching is before AND after any kind of physical activity! Especially after a good long run where your muscles have repeatedly perform the same set of movements! Here, is a very interesting article that i stumbled upon.

And of course the scientist in me couldn’t resist so here is a paper published from a group in University of Tampa, FL that scientifically proved that stretching prepares your muscles for exercise therefore your work outs are more explosive and it can potentially decrease injuries! So as you can see its a no brainer! 5 minutes before and 5 minutes after can make a huge difference in the quality of your work out and also in your mind set! I find that a good stretching session always helps me get “in the zone” before my work out and makes me relax afterwards!

Here are some of my stretching moments 🙂 I know i don’t look my best but i m pretty sure you are not suppose to look anywhere near your best after a 10 mile long run in the rain 😛

8 thoughts on “Stretch Stretch and then Stretch some more!!!

    1. I learnt the hard way, by getting injured a while back. And now I m religiously stretching!! This is another reason why I choose it as one of my first posrs. Thank you for your support and for reading my post 🙂


      1. Oh really? 😦 that’s so rubbish! I’ve just come back from injury so know what you mean. I was with a running club for a while where the leader didn’t encourage new runners to stretch. It was straight into the run & when finished, that was it. Really agree with your blog! Awesome start 🙂

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      2. The people were lovely but I’ve just started doing Parkruns & running with friends. That’s always nice! So exciting when you’re starting out 🙂 Write about what you love, make it fun & engaging & pictures are always awesome to see 🙂

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