The best 3 running blogs!


Hi there,

so even though i have been running since i was about 12 years old (i can’t believe this was so long ago…) it’s only the past 3 years that i took my running a little more seriously and it become more than just a way to relax and decompress. I started reading about it and trying to improve my form and became part of this incredible community that has really helped me to take my running to the next level.

Here i want to share my three favourite running blogs. Ladies that have inspired me and motivate me and helped me along the way of my running journey by sharing their experiences and stories.

1) The Hungry Runner Girl

Ok, seriously Janae is pretty awesome and by far my very favourite! She is been running for a long time and you can tell by her running related posts that she totally loves it. She had some health trouble and had to skip on a marathon she trained really hard for and the way she dealt with it along with her totally positive attitude about it was inspiring! It helped me so much dealing with the fact that i have to miss out on running my very first marathon(especially after all this training) due to work stuff.


She also has the most adorable, cute and smart little girl, Brooke. I have to admit I get overly excited every time i see a notification of a new post of hers. Her posts are always funny and full of positivity.

2) Fine Fit Day

Hands down Carly from Fine Fit Day is my role model runner! Such an inspiration. A mother of two little adorably cute boys, who used to live in NYC (like me 🙂 ) and then moved to beautiful Vermont.

Carly, is a personal trainer and has two-marathons and about a dozen half marathons under her belt. Looking up to her for running through pregnancies, always keeping it real and having some of the most useful and funny posts. She is the kind of mum that i would want to be.


She has an amazing family and the bravest husband (read his story here)! Her blog is definitely my go to for running tips, advice and some motivation!

3) Mile Posts

Well, there isn’t anything that screams runner like running 30 MARATHONS, yes that’s right 30! Dorothy Beal is a mum of 3 and an amazing and inspirational runner. Starting from someone who doesn’t like running and turing into a runner that is been on the cover of running magazine is an amazing journey!


So if you are looking for inspiration, motivation, advice, tips and very interesting running related reading material look no further.

Finally, i just want to say a huge thank you to all three ladies that have kept me motivated and inspired through their stories and make me want to strive to become a better runner!


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