Impromptu lunch run

“Hi there, what would you like for lunch today?”

“Oh I’ll have a run with a side of sweat and sprinkles of huffing and puffing please”

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 13.51.32Well… Even though that wasn’t exactly the conversation my friend and I had, it was close enough… We decided on a nice short run right along the Thames river during lunch today 🙂 . I hadn’t run this early during the week in a very long time. It was the perfect opportunity since it was all sunny outside, pretty cold and windy as well but the sunny day made up for the freezing temperatures. And since we don’t get nearly enough sun around these parts of the woods, we thought we should grab the opportunity! I have to admit it was really nice to have a running buddy again – last time i had one it was a few years back when i was living in Freiburg, Germany – i have certainly missed sharing a run with awesome people! So thank you running buddy, it was great today!

And this is where my post for the day should have ended, but since i have decided i want to keep things real around here, I have a confession to make…

You know how you get so much into running a longer distance and improving/keeping a steady pace throughout? Well i was doing exactly that, logging in some serious miles since October, and today i realised that my speed has taken a serious blow … I haven’t done speed work in ages and it was totally obvious this afternoon!

My friend (who by the way is like the most amazing sportsnutt I ‘ve ever met!) and I decided to keep it “short & sweet”, 30′ minutes fast pace, since we both had stuff to do at work afterwards. And this is where my brain and my body weren’t exactly in sync!! My brain thought “Oh, great i can do a fast 2-3 miles and call it a day”, while my body was doubling up laughing at my brain’s command! A mile into the run and i was spent!! At a 6:19 average pace per mile and 5:31/mile for the last mile I was done… No seriously. Huffing, puffing and in pain kind of DONE!

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 13.42.08

I did push through it till we got back (I had pretty awesome cheers along the way) but I felt more tired doing these 3 miles than i ‘ve ever felt during running 10 miles with a 9:05/mile pace… I have to admit i felt a little uncomfortable with myself and wonder how did I let that happen, but that was for just a minute. I tend not to dwell on the problem i much more prefer to find sustainable solutions for it. And that is exactly what i did in this case as well. I thanked my friend for challenging me, we agreed on making our runs a weekly thing (only a crazy person would –> said NO runner EVER 😛 ), I learnt my lesson and now its time to get back to the track and get in some serious interval and speed work.

On a different note, it was a nice short run, the views of London skyline and the Thames were beautiful and i truly enjoyed it. Also creating routines and connecting to people means that I am getting settle here in London for now, which finally feels good!





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