Science museum & current favourites

Hello friends!

Happy Sunday! I hope your weekend has been great so far. For us over here has been a pretty busy one. Long run, date brunch and an awesome adventure at the Science museum here in London.

Science Museum. Oh the joy!!! I swear i felt like a 5 year old kid surrounded by the coolest toys (and according to @mymamus i was also acting like one! Oups… 😉 ) I mean seriously, have a look to some of these AMAZING things they had and you tell  me if I was justified to jumping around 🙂  – i blame it to being an occupational hazard…being a scientist and all… LOL!

So this is the lobby, a huge atrium where you can see all sort of cool things (yes that yellow thingy is a car upside down hanging from the ceiling)!



Then there was the automotive through history exhibition. And airplanes!! Isn’t this tiny red car the cutest thing?!?!

And of course the universe and planets…

But my personal favourite, was the molecular structures world! You get these cool stations full of hints about a specific metal/alloy and you had to guess which one was! AWESOME!!! And yes i am pretty sure my excitement is quite obvious in the picture…



Speaking of favourites here are some of my current favourites from this week:

Date brunch and poached eggs on avocado sourdough toast with turkey bacon, and a side of bloody Mary 😀 @mymamus had the breakfast burrito with tater tots.

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 12.26.15

This incredibly tasty salted caramel milk chocolate tart from Borough Market that a friend very kindly introduced me to… Thanks J :D! My current favourite late night snack. Cottage cheese, with cherry tomatoes, sunflower seeds, ground pepper and oregano! Yum

And last but not least breakfast 🙂 After quite a bit of time i actually manage to successfully reproduce one of pinterest’s favourites. Eggs over easy in a pepper. Isn’t it pretty??

Well, that’s the newest happenings from this little part of the world 😀 Enjoy your Sunday everyone!!!

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40

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