Sunday Food Prep Inspiration

Hi friends! I hope you all had a great weekend 🙂

It was pretty busy for us around here. A long run, a date brunch, drinks with friends and some Sunday Food prep.

Let’s talk a little bit about Sunday food prep. I was inspired to start a few years back, from the legendary Lindsay over at The lean green bean. Her blog is an amazing “foodspiration” (food inspiration 😛 – no laws against bloggers making their own words right??)! And her recipes are to die for!! Really i couldn’t thank her enough for all this deliciousness every single one of her posts bring! If you haven’t checked out her blog yet…you are missing out!!

There are so many advantages in keeping aside a little time every Sunday to prep for the coming week. Imagine coming home from work at 6pm and have no clue what’s for dinner… For us that means either take out or something not healthy, and we don’t really do this anymore. There other advantages as well;

  • save money by planning your meals ahead every week
  • you don’t waste food because you know when and what to do with it
  • have an extra hour or two every evening to do something you enjoy (more than cooking dinner… 😛 )
  • peace of mind! Priceless! (who else hates as much as I do the question “What’s for dinner?” where everyone asks but no one gives any suggestions…)

I always spent sometime on Sunday to get ready for my new week. That usually includes planning our meals, doing some food prep, planning my experiments/analysis for the week, and scheduling in my work outs and runs. Despite common belief this does NOT take me endless hours and it really (no i mean REALLY) helps me to have a more productive week where i can actually fit in more things to do every day.

Here is my way of meal planning 🙂 Yes, i am still one of those old-fashioned Filofax lovers and yes my hand writing isn’t something to brag about…

So, what went down this week? Well since we had a bit of crazy weekend around here nothing extreme happened food prep wise. Just some basics to help us go through our week.


  • lunches for me for the week with chicken and corn or turkey meatballs
  • green beans
  • chicken and pineapple soya skewers and HB eggs for snacks or breakfast
  • also there are about 3-4 baked potatoes in the oven

Sounds like a lot? Well it only took me about 1 hour for everything 🙂 Does that make you rethink Sunday food prep? I certainly hope so!

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40


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