Indian classical dance & wonderful memories

Hi friends,

It’s almost the weekend 😀  and  I am pretty sure everyone is as excited as i am for it! So what is in stock for you this weekend?

For now we don’t have anything fancy planned -even though you never know… I have a nice 11 mile long run in store for me on Saturday morning and then maybe try my luck with some yoga – with out falling on my face which seems to be the latest occurrence around these parts of the woods.

Speaking of yoga and other types of exercise, this incredible invitation popped up on my FB feed a few days ago and if any of my friends are in NYC at the time i totally recommend it. Indian classical dance is a very –very– old traditional type of dancing (and trust me when i tell you it requires an excellent physique!!). And of course the scientist inside me started doing cartwheels when i saw that it is paired with some good ol’ physics! I so wish i could be there!

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 14.23.04

“Sunday, Feb 07 – 6:00PM
Roald Hoffmann, Dave Soldier, hosts. Venue: The Cornelia street cafe
Latha Venkataraman , applied physicist; Neela Zareen, Indian classical dancer
Entertaining Science: THE DANCE OF MOLECULES image
Our program brings together a leading experimental physicist, who traps nanometer-scaled molecules and measures how their current-carrying capabilities are shaped by their microscopic form, and a wonderful dancer, who utilizes structure, representational and abstract, to convey meaning to her audience. Latha Venkataraman from Columbia University will show how one creates circuits where the active element is a single-molecule, an inherently quantum mechanical piece of this world. Neela Zareen will present a repertoire in Indian classical dance, one of the oldest and comprehensive styles of dance, where she will show how elements, such as intricate footwork, expressions and sculpturesque poses can be structured to weave complex events, ideas and emotions to tell a story. Join us in our annual victory over the Superbowl!”

Neela Zareen is an amazing, mesmerizing dancer.She has been training in Kathak and Kuchipudi styles of Indian classical dance and dance theory as presented in the Natya Shastra for the last 15 years with ardent dedication and she considers herself extremely fortunate to have trained with some of the very best exponents of Indian classical dance.


Neela is also a very close friend of mine from NYC that i miss dearly! A free spirited, kind hearted and beautiful person with the most loving and amazing family.


Seeing this it reminded me of some of the most amazing times i ‘ve had while living in NYC. I got to help Neela, in two of her performances and had the opportunity to get a taste of this incredible culture and to be a part of a very warm and accepting community of people. It was an amazing journey to an old civilization through its traditions. Also a tiny opportunity to become a little famous in another part of the world 😉 – the fact that i have no clue what it says it is just a minor, tiny detail!

Neela and I after her amazing performance in Queens last year.

At the same time @mamma_taleoftworuns  and @grandma_taleoftworuns happened to be visiting from Greece and they also had the opportunity to see an incredible performance as well! They were amazed and ecstatic!

This post is also a way to show how NYC is a melting pot of different people, cultures and traditions and how there are no boundaries for friendship no matter who you are or where you are from! It also makes me think, how there are so many ways to keep active and healthy, so many different and intriguing forms of exercise, that all have one common denominator, they are all ways of expressing yourself!

And last, this is my way of supporting my dear friend Neela since i can’t be there to enjoy her – once again –  awesome performance.

Break a leg, Neela 😀 I am sure you will be amazing!!

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40

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