Beginner’s Yoga 7 Day Kickoff


Hello friends,

Happy Friday! 😀 The weekend will be here shortly and i can already feel the excitement!

So I have a little back story to share before I dive into my post for the day. For the past two months every once in a while I have felt the need to just drop whatever I was doing and stay still for a few minutes. Kind of like a “reboot” or “refocus”. I have also been feeling pretty stiff lately. No matter how many days I cross-train or how many miles I run. And also i feel disconnected. All these little feelings here and there – truth be told – weren’t having a huge impact on my day-to-day life, till now… When these feelings/physical states start to occur more often, and they don’t feel like a phase or a momentary lapse any more, this is when I realised that I had to take action. Being an athlete for a long time i have become hard wired to listening to my body – it’s the best injury prevention method to my opinion – and trusting my instincts. So in this case my body and my mind have been yelling at me for a while to do something in order to get my old “me” back. After trying many different things, from changing my cross and weight training routines – thinking it might just be boredom – to drastically fluctuating my milage, the situation didn’t improve.

This was the point where the problem solving scientist in me took over and research began. So after putting two and two together (like how much i had enjoyed my last longish stretching session and how good it felt to just breath for a few moments before my run) the verdict was YOGA.


Now, i need to confess that not only i am a totally clueless individual when it comes to yoga, but i am also one of those people that have always said “Yoga is not for me. I couldn’t never sit still for that long!” – said the clueless person thinking that that’s what yogis do…

Ha! Only if ‘ve known better…

So after reading – a lot – and looking into a million free source material about yoga, I have decided to start small and try to incorporate it into my morning routine for 7 days and see how i feel by the end of the week.

What is the plan?

  • change my morning high impact routine into a series of beginner’s yoga poses (using one of those printable guides here and here)
  • this will last about 20 to 25 minutes
  • give myself 5 minutes to relax, focus and work on my breathing after the session
  • write a few bullet points every night about how (if) this change in my routine had an impact on my day

Hopefully I will make it through the week, it will make a difference and I will enjoy it! Speaking about things I enjoy, @brother_taleoftworuns who is a far more experienced yogi than I am, happily agreed to have a Skype yogi session together this weekend 🙂 So excited to get to spent some quality time with my big bro who I don’t really get to see that often anymore! .

My big brother and I at Nafpaktos town, Greece – summer 2013

And I also plan to thoroughly enjoy having a laugh with him while i fall on the floor face first ..- Oh right, positive thinking  “I wont be falling on my face…I wont be falling on my face…”

I will keep you guys posted about my new adventurous endeavour and definitely give a full review of it by the end of next week. Feel free to join me to this endeavour! I will be starting this coming Monday.

Any newbie yogis out there? Or advice for more experienced ones?

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40


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