High Five Friday

I love Friday’s link up with @HappyFitMama 😀

Let’s spread the joy and good vibes all around! Oh and of course the excitement for the coming weekend.

Scenes from the weekend

  1. Ok, this is one is something seriously worth getting excited about! We found FIVE GUYS in London!! It’s like by far one of my favourite burger places. And here we are meeting a few friends for drinks and getting out of the subway and … there it is!! I have to admit i did jump and clap my hands for like 2 seconds 😉 – i believe the look on my face says it all!!!
  2. Commuter runner pre-run bathroom selfie. I did love this run. On my way back, i met a girl running commuting as well and as we both stop and smiled at each other at a traffic light we run together for about 2 miles. Her being a little faster than me challenged me and I managed a 8:55/mile for these two miles 🙂 Thank you stranger girl!
  3. London by night. No words necessary, it is just so pretty and magical!
  4. Brunching at home like champions! Poached eggs on homemade bread with mashed avocado, cherry tomatoes and bacon bits. And of course yo can’t possibly have brunch without Bloody Marys 😉
  5. @mymamus’s best friend visited us for a few days this past week 🙂 It was so good to have him over. Having a familiar face around -even for a few days- when you are in a new city/country can make a very big difference. We had a lot of fun exploring London all three of us together and we do hope he’ll get to visit again soon!


High Five moments

  1. My equipment finally arrived at work and now i am all set for some awesome new science 🙂 🙂 Major excitement!
  2. Keeping it up with my morning yoga sessions (review coming soon). It feels really good and i can already feel it benefitting my running.
  3. Officially registered for the North London half marathon! Can’t wait to put on my awesome Spinal Research T-shirt and run. Finishing line is in Wembley stadium, how amazing is that???
  4. Adele’s new album. I just love her voice so much!
  5. Finally ordered this training journal 🙂 I ‘ve been pondering on finding one that I actually like and i think this will be a winner. Anyone else here using it?

Have an amazing weekend everyone!!

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40


4 thoughts on “High Five Friday

    1. It is sooo good. One of the very few fast food places i would actually eat. It is a little pricey here in the UK (£8 for 1 burger!) but it is pretty ok in the US price wise. I certainly recommend it!


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