Half Marathon: a week of training

Hi Friends 🙂

February is here and it is also Monday. Am I the only one who really loves that feeling of Monday and even better the first of the month? It gives me this sense that I could start fresh and that it is a small new beginning with new exciting adventures.

So as many of you already know i will be running my first half marathon on March 20th and I ‘m already knee deep in training for it. I though I’ ll share a week of my training so you guys can see what i have been up to lately. My plan is a combination of the F.I.R.S.T marathon training plan and some modifications that I ‘ve learn through the years that work for me.

So this is how a typical week looks like for me:

Monday – Track work outs. This week is; 10-20 minute warm-up 1 mile (400m RI), 2 miles (800m RI), 2 x 800 (400m RI) 10 minute cool-down

Tuesday – Run home from work for ~6 miles

Wednesday – Active Rest

Thursday – Run home from work for ~5 miles

Friday – Core strength workout

Saturday – Long run. This week i have 11 miles in store 😀

Sunday – Rest

Since I am not very good at running in the morning (no matter how many times I have tried to change this) I have decided to run-commute back home from work at least two afternoons a week. This incorporates nicely into my training plan. Also I try to do a 30′ yoga session every morning, the stretching and focus feels wonderful for the rest of the day. For my “active rest” days i still have a yoga session in the morning and the some short of low impact activity such as walking.

My long run this week was 10 miles, that i was suppose to break into 3 1/2 loops in my favourite park. Of course that never happened 😉 The weather being amazing and sunny and warm made me feel a little adventurous so I decided that I should explore around our new neighbourhood. It was such a beautiful run!

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 11.00.35

I know it is not a very common training plan but it works for me and my lifestyle for now and also it seems that i am sticking to it 😀 Huge win!!

Have an awesome week everyone and we will catch up soon!

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40




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