Random Thursday thoughts

Hello everyone!

It is already Thursday, WOW! What happened to the week, right? 🙂

Well it’s been pretty busy around here, since everything is falling into place and I am about to start doing some really amazing science next week!! Woo hoo!!!

–> Random thought #1

Due to the time difference with Greece (-2 hrs) I usually speak to @mama_taleoftworuns just before or just after dinner. And of course every time I get the exact same questions. 1) how is the weather over here and 2) what are we having/had for dinner? Am I the only one that ALWAYS gets asked those questions?!?

So a few nights ago, here we are Skyping and the same two questions get thrown in the conversation (again…). Well, now the thing is, even though I enjoy cooking immensely and even though I am Greek, it seems like I can not cook greek food to save my life… Don’t ask why… all i know is that every (and I do mean EVERY) time I ‘ve tried it has been a memorable disaster! Apart from when it comes to assembling a “meze platter 😉 So my solution is to avoid greek recipes! And to get back to the “what are you having for dinner” question, as you can probably understand it is a little hard for me to explain to my very greek mum my very non-greek recipes. LOL 😀

And this is what we had for dinner the other night (i haven’t given it a name yet, any suggestions?!?!?!)

All you need is:

  • 1 chopped eggplant
  • 1 chopped zucchini
  • 1 choppoed pepper
  • 5 frankfurter sausages
  • 1 can tomato sauce (i like the one with mushroom or chunky veggies)
  • toppings; eggs and cheese

Mix all the ingredients together (apart from the toppings) and put mix in a pan and bake for about 40′. Then crack a few eggs over the mixture and add grated cheese (I like parmesan or cheddar) and bake for another 20′. Honestly, it is such an easy recipe and you can choose any veggies you might have in your fridge! (PS: left overs make an awesome lunch 😉 ).

Well I have to admit having this for dinner after one hour of pouring rain and cold wind during my track workout just hit the spot!!

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 12.46.05.png

–> Random thought #2

As you all know by now i love (like really REALLY LOVE) running, and it makes me extra happy when i can put in a few good miles and have sometime where my brain just stop thinking and it gets all quite in my head (in contrary to its extremely loud and messy all-the-time state 😉 )… Well, even though I have run outside in every type of weather, from NYC excruciatingly hot and humid summers to butt-freezing Scottish winters, there is one thing I haven’t mastered yet since we moved to this side of the pond. And this is a morning run! I ‘ve had 6:00 am sweat sessions, yoga sessions, you name it… But I can not make myself get out there at 6:00 am… And as they say a picture worths 1000 words. Well here is an answer of about 2000 words as to why I am so reluctant to do it!

FYI the huge white patch on the back in the first picture it aint no lake…. It is a totally FROZEN field!

–>Random thought #3

I need to resupply on my running gels. This is what I have been using for the past few months.


What do you guys think? Any suggestions on different ones?

Have an awesome Thursday everyone!

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40




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