High Five Friday

Hello friends!! 😀

Here we are again for another “High Five Friday” link up! Many thanks to our hostess Angela over at “HappyFitMama“!

So here we go let’s spread the happy vibes around 😀


  1. Sunday coffee date with @mymamus in the park and sunshine (well ok, the British version of sunshine… LOL 😛 ). Loved it!! It is unreal how much this man can make me laugh… I was pretty disappointed that day, cause I had forgotten my running shoes and couldn’t go for my long run but he managed to make me laugh and have an awesome time!!
  2. Track workout – check! 3x1600m (400 RI) @ 8:35, 8:51 and 9:00. I was going for negative splits but with pouring rain and wind against my face it suffice to say that it didn’t happen. Next time for sure!!
  3. Salad Frenzy around these parts of the woods. I ‘ve mentioned it before that if it was up to my dear @mymamus we would be ONLY eating salads for dinner EVERY night! Well he – almost- got his wish this week 😉
  4. Movie date night!!! We watched “deadpool”, which was pretty funny if you are into this kind of movies. My only advice, try not to watch too many trailers, since they reveal many of the funny moments of the movie.
  5. Had a great sweat session the other day from yours truly 😉 Oh boy wasn’t I sore… but loved every minute!!!

So these are my 5000 thousands words for the week 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 13.30.13


  1. Half marathon countdown 37 days 19 hours 13 minutes!!! Major Excitement! I am so looking forward for this race. Especially because @dad_taleoftworuns will be here to cheer on me along with @mymamus 😀
  2. Work is going to get REALLY interesting from next week! Can’t wait!
  3. Grateful for the few amazing days we are having here weather-wise.
  4. We are anxiously expecting our visitor for the next few days! My favourite @M&M_talesoftworuns (@mymamus’s mum) is arriving today! Why we call her M&M? Well that will be my doing – of course 😉 – M&M is a short version for Mama Manto (that is her name). LOL!
  5. One of my very good friends is flying to NYC next week – am I jealous? Ermm YESS!!! But I am very very happy for her and I did give her all the pointers for the best sushi, best cupcake, best you name it in the city!!

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