Weekend shenanigans!!

Hi friends 🙂

So sorry I’ve been MIA since Saturday but things have been so crazy around here the past few days… I hope you are all having a great  week so far!

Well, a few things have happen around these part of the woods the past few days 😀 First of, my lovely (future) mother in law @M&M_taleoftworuns is here visiting for a few days (you can read all about her name here)!

I have to admit it is so good to have a mum around… All the things that we struggle to do everyday like housework or cooking she is doing them so quickly and efficiently, that it almost looks like magic! Also who could argue when I say that “mum’s cooking” tastes different than any other type of cooking?!?!? We are both very happy to have her around and I think she is very happy to be here as well 🙂

On a another note, I had a great 10 mile run on Sunday.b A little slower than what i’d like but we are getting there…

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 12.52.20

The weather wasn’t very good but for London standards was acceptable. Not suny but not raining either – I ‘ll take it!! Afterwards I met with @mymamus and @M&M_taleoftworuns for breakfast, which was a great motivation during my run. I remember very clearly (and with no shame at al 😛 ) repeating to myself “You will be eating eggs and toast soon” a couple of times during my run!

Here are a few snapshots after our breakfast 🙂 This little quaint coffee shop in the park at Tooting Bec park is the perfect place for a post-long run breakfast.

Another awesome thing that happening from this weekend…. I got a spin bike!!! Well, didn’t exactly buy it but “freecycle” is more like what happened. This is an amazing new-ish trend where people will register things they don’t need in a database and then give them away for free instead of throwing them out. So this is how my (not-so brand new) bike happened.

Here is me spinning to my hearts delight!! (apologies if some of the photos are blurry but I really REALLY didn’t want to stop for @mymamus to snap them.)

It is a little old and some of the functions like distance meter and rpm are not working but the resistance and pulse meter are O.K. and that is more than enough for a great sweat session! It is also very very compact and fits perfect in our very small living room. New decor you say?!?! But of course LOL! So any cool resistance based spin workouts to share with me friends?!?!?!

Now, a few random bits and bobs from the rest of the weekend…

  • I am officially in love with my new hat!!! 😀 (thank you @M&M_taleoftworuns )!
  • My favourite Mexican spices arrived from NYC this weekend and I couldn’t wait to make our favourite chilli and enchiladas recipes 😀 I will be posting them real soon – Promise!

Thanks for reading! Have an awesome day and stay tuned!

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40




3 thoughts on “Weekend shenanigans!!

  1. I can’t believe you scored a free spin bike! That’s so awesome and it looks like it’s perfect for apartment living. I smiled at the Goya spices – it never occurs to me that you can’t get those overseas because they’re everywhere here. London is so pretty! You’re so lucky to be living there!


    1. LOL ! You should have seen my “happy dance” whe i saw it! My MIL was there too and i have to admit I was like “should I take it?!? what if she things less of me?!?!” but of course she was like “OMG yes Ellen you have to take it! I havent had a sweat session like this since my spin classes last year…PERFECTION! As for London yes it is very pretty but I have to admit I terribly miss NY! Don’t you miss it sometimes? Yeah they dont have Goya here and they dont have bath and body works either 😦


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