New PR and a pretty awesome race!!!

Hi friends!!! I hope you are having an awesome weekend so far!

It’s been pretty amazing for us around here! So long story short… New PR for my 10km race is ….. (drum roll…..) 55:10!!! I was ecstatic! I wanted a sub 1:00:00 10k for quite some time now!

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 14.35.27

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 15.21.24So, the race took place in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic park in London, which is a nice and very open space. Weather wise, well it wasn’t perfect but at least it wasn’t raining… It was quite windy though which made the uphill parts of the course quite hard. There were two long hills between 3k-5k and since I haven’t had much hill training lately they were quite challenging…


Pre-race photo with my amazing MIL @M&M_taleoftworuns and the best view of the course! Little insight; I felt as sleepy as look in the photo….

Start line up was at 10:10 am 🙂 There were quite a lot of people but the atmosphere was amazing! We all counted down to 0 together and started running! I don’t think i am in any of the start photos since @mymamus couldn’t spot me in the crowd – as I couldn’t spot them either…

The course was a 5K and a 10k together, so the 10k-ers had to do two laps of the same course. Here is me going into lap #2 🙂 time was 27:33…!  Also as you can see I am rocking my spinal research vest since this is what I support and trying to raise awareness for !! 😀 These amazing people are funding my PhD and running for such a great organisation is the least I can do to spread the word!!

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 14.39.11

The second lap was a little harder, since the wind had picked up quite a bit and I did start a little faster than what I would like, had an average pace of 8:50 min/mile 😀 Woo hoo!!!

When I saw the finish line, i did pick up my pace and it was also downhill which was great! I heard my name and time, and I heard @mymamus and @M&M_taleoftworuns cheering for me and yelling “Bravo” and “You made it”!!! Having a cheering party at the end of your race is THE BEST and my cheering party for the day was AMAZING!

I know, i know next time look ahead and smile – not my watch! But I wanted to get this sub 1:00:00 so badly and I had to make sure I stopped my watch on time lol !!!

Also another weird thing about the course was this massive sculpture – it looked like a crane to me – where you can actually go up the stairs and see the London view from the tallest sculpture in town… Oh well! Any of my London friends know what is it about?!?!

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 14.42.04

You know what else is amazing?!?! Having a mum at the end of the race that will make sure that you get your warm coat on stat! and you also have something to eat and drink stat! I think I have the best MIL ever!!!!

Yes, that is my creepy “devour sandwich” face in the subway!!! LOL!!! 😛 People were looking at me like “she is nuts” and I guess I am nuts indeed! As for my hair … Well I have no comments for it since it looks like they had as much fun as I did! LOL!

All and all this was an amazing race, with great atmosphere! People were cheering and runners were helping out each other! It always makes me very proud to be part of such great community of people when I see runners support each other (even people you don’t know) during a race! THIS is what running is all about! The camaraderie amongst runners is such an amazing feeling! Also the race was really well organised, with one water station (which I didn’t use) at the end of the first lap and then snacks (bananas and energy bars) at the end, and a very motivational spokesperson at the start and finish line 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40


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