High Five Friday :D

Hello Friends!!!

Yay, it is Friday 🙂 Well I have to admit that this week was a little hard and it kind of went really – like REALLY – slow… but here it is again, the weekend! I was feeling quite under the weather after my race on Sunday so I took it very easy this week. Since as we all know running and coughing ain’t a good combo I kept low and did a lot of stretching and yoga till this silly cold/allergy of mine goes away.

* 5 pictures = 5000 thousand words *

  1. New PR in my 10k race on Sunday!!! Soooo excited about it!!! Chip time was 55:10! I’ve been wanting this sub 1:00:00 PR for so long. Next goal is a sub 2:00:00 half next month 😀
  2. Dinner last night was this salad. It was so tasty and simple… any type of greens you have handy – i like a mix with lettuce, kale, spinach etc – and then soya seared chicken, pinapple chunks and some cheese crambles. Yum Yum 😛
  3. Brunching like champs around here! Homemade dinner rolls topped with avocado spread and poached eggs and tiny bacon bits. Of course we couldn’t not have Bloody Mary 😉
  4. This is my favourite body lotion. The Japanese blossom from bath & body works, which i can not get anywhere here in the UK. But many many many thanks to my awesome friend Jen who just visited NYC last week – me jealous?!?!?! naaah! just turning green cause its fun 😛 – and she brought me back 2 bottles of this amazing lotion! Thanks sooo much Jen xxx
  5. Even though the course from Sunday’s race wasn’t an easy one with two really steep uphills and some parts covered in gravel – i hate gravel…- I can’t say it wasn’t pretty, with views of the canal and the stadium, this weird sculpture and open spaces.

So all an all as you can see this week was all about relaxing – and much needed sleeping – and nourishment. Sometimes you just have to listen to your body!

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 13.30.13

* 5 things I loved this week… *

  1. Janae’s, from Hungry runner girl, new idea of sharing everyone’s accomplishments every Friday! I love it! It feels so amazing to see people accomplishing goals that have been working so hard for!
  2. Seeing cuteness like this one! Come on now, like bunnies ain’t cute enough as it is right?!?!
  3. An awesome new idea from a few of my favourite bloggers 🙂 Angela from Happy Fit Mama  came up with another amazing idea –> a monthly work out round up with a different theme every month. Check it out in Carly’s from Fine Fit Day blog as well 🙂 I loved the work outs of this month since I am mostly working out at home!
  4. Oh, did I mention that my role model, who happens to be one of the greatest athletes I ‘ve ever known gave an INTERVIEW here at Tale of two runs!! I am so excited to share this with you guys this weekend!! Can not wait!!
  5. So as some of you might know @dad_taleoftworuns is coming to visit in a little less than 2 weeks, and spend his 60th birthday with us here 🙂 I was so excited yesterday to arrange a few – seriously amazing – things for us to do for his big day! Well I can’t really say what since he is reading my blog and don’t want to ruin the surprise but you ‘ll see photos soon 😉

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! Let me know of what awesome plans you are having?!?! A long run, meet up with friends, anything special?


Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40

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