Home Gym – pocket edition!

Hi friends 😀

I hope all of you had a great weekend!

So, as you all know -since apparently according to @mymamus and all our friends I keep mentioning it 😛 –  we recently moved to London from New York city. Do I miss the city? Yes of course I do… but London is (very slowly) growing on me. There is one thing though that no matter how long we live here I don’t think I’ll be able to mentally embrace! How expensive a gym membership can be… We all thought NY was expensive?!?!? Yeah right…. This all changed in my head when we moved here and good ol’£££ entered our lives…. Well granted there are alternatives such as “classpass” where with £79($110)/ month  you can get unlimited access to gyms and studios but it is mostly for classes and right now that doesn’t really appeal to me and my needs.

So before I go on and tell you -or more likely show you – my solution let me tell you why to my opinion working out from home isn’t such a bad alternative.

  1. It is not expensive at all – you can find very cheap exercise equipment in places like Target (or for my UK friends Sports Direct and Argos).
  2. Given that UK weather isn’t the nicest thing, and most mornings are gloomy, rainy, cold and … dark. Not having to get out of the house sounds like a blessing to me!
  3. 24/7 gyms around here….? erm not really. London isn’t as “anytime,anything,everywhre” as NYC even though I have to admit is getting there 🙂 So, if for some peculiar reason you get the urge to workout let’s say at like 11:30pm – you know after scrolling down some SERIOUSLY motivational IG posts 😛 -then no problem at all, because all you need is right there! No need to hop on the subway (or…the tube) and get your butt to a gym 30′ away from home.
  4. It makes it fun and … comforatble! Do you get bored on the treadmill/spin bike? Imagine doing it while your kiddos or your partner are around to crack a joke…Or imagine just getting on your spin bike or lifting weights on your PJs – yeap been there done that… no judging 😛

So here is how I do it in our very – VERY – tiny apartment! This –> is how our living room normally looks like. Pretty right? The only two things I couldn’t store away anywhere are the stability ball – which doesn’t really take up any space behind our entrance door and my FREE spin bike. Yes I did say F-R-E-E!! Try freecycle people, it works!!

Before layout livingroom

And here –>  is how our living room looks like when I am in full blown work out mode! Granted this usually happens during the weekend, but during the week I can always bring out only what I need to work out depending on my plan 🙂


So what do I have?

  • 3 set of weights
  • 1 kettlebell
  • yoga mat
  • resistance band
  • (mini) bosu ball – also doubles as a feet massager 😉
  • push up handles

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 11.01.36


And now the 1 million dollar question… Where do I store all these?!?!?! Right in here –>


Remember this inconspicuous little ottoman in the corner of our living room, that also looks very pretty? Well this little piece of furniture has many different roles in our tiny apartment 😉 First of all it is @mymamus desk chair, then it is my mini home gym storage and it also doubles as a workout bench and step! Yes it is THAT sturdy!!

And finally, here are three of my favourite things for my outdoor workouts.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 11.03.12

  • jumping rope – I can’t really do this inside the apartment like I used to in NY 😦
  • heart shaped *essential* hand warmers
  • and yes, theses are hand weights for walking/running with a little light to make you extra noticeable in the dark! I haven’t used them in a while but they are AMAZING to built endurance during your run. I have to admit… I did carry those in my suitcase from NYC!! And of course @mymamus wasn’t very excited about it since we had to leave some other stuff behind – like the power supply thingy for his computer … not that important right?!?! Well as you can all see I do have my priorities straight!!!

So as you can see, all you really need is very few ££ (or $$ or €€) and very little space to have your own home gym and eliminate every single excuse as to why you can’t work out LOL 😛

See you soon!

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40



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