High Five Friday :)

Hi friends!!!

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It is Fri-Yay 😀 and i bet everyone is really excited! I have a few things to share with you just to kick start the weekend with a happier note, like will always do at High Five Friday! Many thanks to Angela over at Happy Fit Mama for the link up of course 🙂

*5 pictures = 5000 Words from the week*

  1. Thumbs up for a very successful track day session 🙂 The workout was 2x(4×400 RI 1:30) RI 2:30. I missed a week of track and I felt a little rusty, but I did give it my all and felt really good! I will be sharing my favourite track workouts with you next week!
  2. Every time I use my spin bike I love it even more! What a sweat session… 35′ of getting my heart rate up and then abs – all just before dinner 😉
  3. Speaking of dinner –> this salad is our new favourite! Spinach, rocket & kale topped with balsamic coated beet roots and low fat roasted brie cheese and pecans! Pure Yumminess! And so easy to make! I “roasted” the brie in our sandwich presser and it turned out INCREDIBLE!
  4. Coffee date with my favourite man 🙂 He loves snapping pictures of me when I am not looking… ❤
  5. My run yesterday was pure bliss!! You know the kind of run that happens once in a long while? Where everything goes according to plan? Where you feel unstoppable? Where the beat of the music matches your strides? THAT! This one unicorn-like run that makes you fall in love with running all over again! My 6.25 miles yesterday were exactly that! BLISS! Oh and guess what?!?! Spring is creeping up here in London as well, and the days are getting noticeably longer and brighter!

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 12.15.20

* 5 Awesome reads*

  1.  This post from Lindsay over at the Lean Green Bean. One of her fellow RD’s wrote this post and I found it very interesting and truthful.
  2. This article from Women’s running UK 🙂
  3. I had such a laugh with this post from Dorothy Beal over at Mile Posts. I wish I could run the Great Wall marathon one day…
  4. For all of you that don’t know it apart from running and science and crafts and working out, I also love knitting. It calms me down and silences my mind 🙂 I was pretty impressed when I read about this!! I don’t think I’ll be running and knitting any time soon though 😛
  5. Finally, even though I usually don’t include my own posts here I really have to say that this story, of this very unique little girl is definitely something worth reading! Such people are inspiring…

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! We are having a friend over for dinner Friday night and I have a long run planned for Saturday 🙂 Also some much needed yoga on Sunday! What plans do you have? Anything special?

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4 thoughts on “High Five Friday :)

    1. Unicorn Runs 🙂 I think you just made that a thing 😉 Yes it was amazing! And the days are getting so bright here – i went to work with sunglasses this morning Woo Hoo!!! Happy weekend to you too! Hope you have an awesome long run – if you have one planned! Can’t wait to see more pics of the route you run, it looks so pretty along the lake!


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