Birthday weekend shenanigans :)

Hi Friends 🙂

I hope everyone’s week started of on a high note! Things are about to get seriously busy over here for us this week. With @dad_taleoftworuns visiting, a very important time point for my experiments at work and my half marathon fast approaching this coming weekend, I am bound to get a little less sleep than usual 😉 But no complaints whatsoever! I don’t mind one bit being busy doing all the things I love! Blessing!

So, what went on here during the weekend??? Well quite a few things actually since it was @dad_taleoftworun’s birthday weekend! We had three special surprises planned for him.

*Surprise #1 *

Friday afternoon we had lunch at the aqua shard – the Shard is the tallest building in London and is located very close to my work. The service and menu was great value for money!!! I recommend the market place lunch menu – 3 courses!

Once you  get the express elevator up to the 32nd  floor you are amazed by the great views of London city and the calming – surprisingly not pretentious – but glamorous atmosphere!

Our reservation was for 2:30pm and we were led to our table right away! Our table was literally the best spot in the entire restaurant!!

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 08.39.30
Our table and view – and dessert! 

We got the duck salad and chestnut soup for starters – bit were simply delicious!!! And a glass of rosè wine – my favourite! For main we both had the steak on a bed of puree shallots and for dessert we decided on the cheese platter and the orange chocolate mousse! The portions weren’t huge but for lunch they were just right alongside the complementary freshly baked bread and butter!

So, according to @dad_taleoftworuns who is a foodie with loads of experience, it was well worth it 😀 Now you can all see where I inherited my love for food and cooking from! LOL!

Saturday morning I went for a 5 mile run (last “long” one before my half marathon) and focused on speed and form over distance. Did a good 8:30/mile average pace 😀 The day was gorgeous and spiring was in full bloom! I also got to sport my new outfit 😉 Loved it! There is ALWAYS time to squeeze in a run!

and then…

*Surprise #2*

I met up with the boys for brunch at the nightingale cafe! Nothing better than yummy eggs Benedict to recharge after my run!


*Surprise #3 *

Sunday afternoon we had an incredible time at “Meantime Brewery” where we had the tour and beer tasting! The people and atmosphere were awesome and we had the time of our lives! We got to try 5 different types of their great beer – by try I mean actually drink quite a bit not just little samples – and also hear how each one is made. We go to try the barley the beers were made from and learn about the brewery’s history!

The tour was about 2 hours and we spent a little more than half drinking and learning all about beer.


Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 08.59.10
Different types of barley and hop 

Our tour guide “Big Al” was simply the best person for the job! He was extremely knowledgable and oh sooo funny!!!

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 09.22.53


The rest of the weekend was pretty quite 🙂 We walked around Greenwich (yes the one where the actual time is set 😉 ) and took one of the Thames’ ferries on our way back – I have to admit I am not a huge fan since I got a little seasick…

Our Saturday night looked a little bit like that –>

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 09.04.58.png

Celebrating @dad_taleoftworuns birthday the Greek way 😉

Apologies for the veeeery long post but I was sooo excited to share our awesome weekend with all of you that I might have gone a little overboard (is that even possible 😛 ) with the pictures!

Have an awesome week everyone!!! Stay tuned!

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40




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