High Five Friday & a few AWESOME announcements!

Hello friends 😀

I know this is a belated high five Friday (erm I meant Saturday 😉 ) post but it is never to late to spread the good vibes right?

So here I am again linking with Angela from Happy Fit mama – also Happy birthday to Angela for her birthday a few days ago 🙂 Before we dive in, to have a look at our best five from this past week, first things first… an apology from being totally MIA this past week! Due to some serious overestimation on my behalf – somehow I thought the day has 30 hours instead of 24- I managed to be super busy at work and also with @dad_taleoftworuns around and me prepping for the big day tomorrow the days just slipped away… I was meaning to write a post every night but then I was asleep in a jiffy… Even though my experiments are going really (REALLY) well – fingers crossed – this week was just endless!!!

So what happened this week?


  1. My half marathon is in less than 15 hours!!!! Butterflies in my belly for sure! I have to admit I am a little anxious – my goal is the 2 hr mark – since this week I felt really tired and like I was coming down with something – yikes! – so i really don’t know how I will be tomorrow… I will try my best and I do trust my effort and training!
  2. Last run was on Thursday 🙂 Decided to just do an easy 2.5 miles on the track since after a full 12 hours in the lab I really didn’t have the amount of concentration required not to get run over by a car… #nocomment
  3. & 4. Dad’s_taleoftworuns birthday weekend was a HUGE success, you can read all about it here! He loved it which means mission accomplished!

5. This Twinings tea flavour!!! You guys have to try it!!! It is pure bliss! #newobsession

* 5 AWESOME (“sciency”) READS*

  1. In case any one is wondering this is what the lab I work for is up to lately  🙂
  2. …and this is what I do for a living 🙂 I have to admit I am grateful that I get the opportunity to do what I love every day!
  3. Best science pictures of the year! I want to frame some of them and hang them up on my wall!!
  4. Also this was pretty interesting… How would being on Mars affect the human body… Hmmm impressive if you ask me!
  5. This is a pretty interesting article about Endurance and how can we achieve better levels of it…

* My announcement *

So this is something I’ve been meaning to write about for a while now. I have a new goal for 2016 which is 1 RACE PER MONTH! It doesn’t matter if it is a 5k or a marathon as long as I run at least one a month. The count till now is 2 10k races for January and February  and (hopefully ) my half marathon tomorrow for March 😀 Also I do know which race will be going down in November but this… I will not share just yet 😉

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 19.40.03.png

I still don’t know who lucky April will be but I do know which race I’ll be running in May!

The wonderful people from ISRT Spinal Research – who also fund my PhD and my research – have invited me to join their team to run the London 10,000 which is a really fun event! And I can’t wait for it!!! Thank you so much for inviting me on the team!!

Finally I was hoping this year to run a New year’s eve race 🙂 Let’s see if the nice people of London will have any New year’s eve races… 🙂

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!! Apologies again for disappearing the past few days, I promise better planning is in order from now on!!


Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40


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