North London Half Marathon Race Recap – #3 March !

Hi Friends!

What an exciting day today!!!!

My first half-marathon 🙂 It was an incredible experience! So many people and such a wonderful atmosphere despite the chilli weather. I had goosebumps all the way till mile 5! Going downhill and seeing so many people in front of you, it was like an ocean of colours and laughter! The spectators were amazing as well! Since most of the race was either through parks or residential areas there were quite a few of them! People got out of their homes at 9 am on a Sunday just to cheer on us – crazy runners they didn’t even know – and some of them were even giving us snacks,water or fruit, and little children were excitedly high – fiving us! EVERYONE was waving and cheering for us!

Ok, now all the facts:

  • North London Half Marathon – 13.1 miles – finishes at Wembley stadium! Impressive pretty much sums it up!!!
  • My official time was 2:06:15 – I know… I know… Didn’t get my first goal for 6 minutes BUT I did get my second which was NOT to stop at all or walk during the race and my third which was a sub 2:15 time!
  • There were 6,784 athletes in total

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 20.43.13

Now, the course was fairly easy – or at least I thought so…. You run for about 7 miles and the you come back the same way till about mile 10. Everything went pretty smoothly till that point where I had to run back the same way. There was one very big uphill (or so I thought) at mile 11 which I was already aware of (and mentally prepared for…) from going downhill on it in the beginning. And then the real fun started 😛 ! Two more shorter but extremely steep uphills appeared – I had no clue about it…. – between mile 11 and 12… Now THAT took some extra effort and a lot of pep talking to myself… I did it 😀 and didn’t even stop to walk up the hills, I somehow managed to run up all the way!!! YAY!! My pace though got considerably slower and that cost me my 2:00:00 goal… But I don’t fret! I am very happy with how the race went down!

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 20.50.37

Now the fun part 🙂

Photos!!! – the official race photos aren’t up yet but I obviously couldn’t wait to share my experience with all you 🙂

Still looking a little sleepy perhaps… On our way to the Start!

A little bit of stretching just before the race 🙂

I swear I wasn’t trying not to fall asleep 😉 Also of course I was honoured to run for the amazing charity of Spinal Research like always!

Running for Spinal Research!!

And of course @dad_taleoftworuns decided to help me with stretching… Now THAT was fun!

Since they were so many people, @mymamus couldn’t find me at the start nor the finishing line so no photos from there – at least none of me – yet but the official ones come out tomorrow!

These two guys (#6 and #7) did incredibly amazing!! They were returning while I was still in mile 4 :O Their time was 1:02 and 1:04!!! Now that is some serious running…


So let’s fast forward 13.1 miles —>

I have to admit finishing at Wembley Stadium is magical!! This place is absolutely humungous!!

Wembley Stadium & the awesome T-shirt I got at the end 🙂

And of course we couldn’t not have the necessary celebratory brunch after the race at my favourite place 😀 Yes, I might got a little too excited with my coffee 😉

Finally, a huge thank you and congratulations to both the volunteers and the organizers! The race was PERFECT! I will definitely run it again!


5 thoughts on “North London Half Marathon Race Recap – #3 March !

  1. Yeah!! I was thinking about you this weekend and wondering how it went. Sounds like a great experience for you. I love seeing all of the other runners during a race too. It gives me chills seeing a sea of runners like that! Congrats on not walking. That is legit! I also made that my goal when I ran the Boston marathon last year, and even though the hills were killer, and my pace on the hills may have been slower than some people walking, I didn’t stop either and was very proud of that. You did great – and now you have a new goal for the next half (sub 2 hrs!). Congrats again!!


  2. Congratulations again, Ellen!! It’s such an achievement and amazing that you made 2 out of your 3 goals! I think 2:06 is an awesome time for your first half. I’m happy your dad was able to be there to share the experience with you. 🙂

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