Best stability ball exercises for a stronger core

Hi friends,

I hope you are all doing great. Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 09.32.06

There is one piece of exercising equipment that even though it is bulky and awkward and hard to store, I have always enjoyed using it so much, that I never cared whether I could fit it in my tiny room in NY or our even tinier apartment here in London. That would be this blue balloon looking like thingy behind our front door….  😀 Front door is on the left, bathroom door is on the right. Tight fit you say?!?!? Oh well maybe….Let’s just say that @mymamus isn’t exactly overjoyed with this arrangement, but it works… If you are not trying to get into the house with 3 huge grocery bags that is…. 😛

Anyhow, the stability ball is one of my favourites, especially for core exercises. And every runner out there knows how essential a strong core is for better performance!

So here are my favourite stability ball exercises. Yes, I am working out outside, in our (communal) back yard to be exact :O Well, you don’t get sunny days like that often around here so a girl has to make the most out of it. Right?!?!

  • Up & Downs – think they look easy? Think again after you ‘ve completed 3 sets of 20… oh did I say PER side 😉 Great for the oblique muscles.

Ups and downs

  • Makes the regular side leg raise a little easier only because your pelvis doesn’t get squashed against the hard floor/ yoga mat…

Side leg ups

  • Your gluteus maximus – aka butt! – would thank you with those! If you feel they are easy just increase the reps

Butt ups

  • A nice spin off to the traditional crunches

Crunch pass

  • Pull in planks! One of my worst nemesis but great for core strength! Make sure you have found your sweet spot stability wise before you pull in your knees. Otherwise you will fall side ways and this will increase the strain on your wrists… Oh it also hurts a little too… I would know 😉

Pull in plank

  • Traditional plank with a little something blue 😉 LOL!


  • Like the pull in planks make sure you have found your balance first before raising your legs!

Plank leg raise

  • Good ol’ cruches 🙂


I hope you enjoy these exercise, and remember you can adjust the amounts of reps to fit your fitness level. It is not about competing with anyone but yourself from yesterday!

Do you guys have a stability ball? Favourite exercises? Also where do you store it if you live in small apartment/house?

Stay tuned for more exercises to come soon and check out my previous post on exercises such as resistance band exercises  and strength training for runners.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed personal trainer neither a sports specialist. Consult your physician if you are unsure as per your ability to undertake these exercises. I am JUST a fitness-nut that likes to share my workouts. 

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