High Five Friday!

Hi friends! 😀

It’s Friday, and like every week I am pretty excited to link up with Angela over at Happy Fit Mama, spread some good vibes all around and bring you up to speed with all the happenings from the week! There is no better way to kick start our weekend 🙂


  1. With the weather being totally off the hook crazy around here we do get quite a bit more sunshine than usual… Followed by rain, and then hail and then some more sun. Welcome to London in April, I was told that this is the norm. So of course after my run the other day I couldn’t resist not to sit out on the sun for a little bit. And then somehow I ended up doing cart wheels…
  2. Current favourite smoothie recipe – banana, PB, ice and my smoothie mix! Oh so yum! What is my smoothie mix? Well, I realized a few days ago that every morning I open and close 5 different containers with dry powders to add to my smoothie. So I thought “what if I could only open one?” So I added my protein powder – cookies n cream in this case – my fiber supplement, chia and flaxseed in a jar and… Voilà! Homemade smoothie booster!
  3. Still on the salad express! This one was voted from @mymamus as the salad of the week 🙂 Success! Bed of spinach topped with baked carrots, parsnips and Brussel sprouts and baked chicken with a little bit of light soy and BBQ sauce! Oh and light crumbled white cheese! Most of the ingredients I already had in the fridge from my last #SundayFoodPrep.
  4. The view from my last run.. 3.5 miles easy to see how my foot felt. Well it is back about 70% – still hurt a little after my run… And this is why i am off to the doctor’s today!
  5. New pair of running shoes! YAY!! 😀 I mean look at these beauties! They are so very comfortable to run with!

If you don’t want to wait till Friday to catch up on moments from the week you can always follow me on Instagram or Twitter!

Also I would so much appreciate it if you guys could visit my just-giving page where I am trying to do some fundraising for this amazing charity called Spinal Research . I know they are doing some great work – and I am honoured to be part of it 🙂 Every little bit can help a great deal!

Have an awesome weekend everyone! And stay tuned for my BIG news!! I can’t wait to share it with you – which I will as soon as I get the green light!

Stay tuned!!

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