Awesome BIG announcement!

Hi friends 😀

I am so excited to share my BIG news with you today!

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 08.55.28

It is finally happening! I will be running the ORIGINAL marathon in Greece this year, November the 13th! I am so proud that I will be able to do this.

Running the original course is such a big dream of mine. And the fact that this is my home country, makes it even more special. To know that you are running a path where your ancestors run before you. To know that  you are running a route which literally changed the world and made it as we know it now, and gave a chance to democracy and great values!

You might call me a dreamer but this IS a dream come true for me. To run along with people from my country and all over the world, to have the opportunity to run along Olympic winner – record holders – legends such as Maria Polyzou, it means the world to me.

Also this, will be my very first Marathon. I have to admit it is a little scary…  The countdown is 220 days, more than enough to prepare and train adequately for it but as many athletes have said in the past, no matter your physical training it is still mostly about your attitude! 26.1 miles – 42.195 km … The competition will be between you and yourself, between yourself and the distance!

Like many runners get asked that same question, a friend asked me this “Why would you do it? Since you know you will not win anyway…”

Win?!? The race?!?! Well definitely not. But achieve my goal, earn more self respect, challenge myself and push my limits? YES! Yes to all! These are a few of the reasons why.

Have an awesome week everyone!!

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14 thoughts on “Awesome BIG announcement!

  1. Ooooh that is awesome! How amazing to run the first marathon as YOUR first! I’ve been to Athens twice and have always been awed to just run along the marathon course and walk through the Olympic stadium. All the best with your training!

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  2. What a perfect first marathon for you! Your home country, the most historic marathon – it will be amazing!!! I am so excited for you and of course you’re nervous about the training and being ready – if you weren’t, there’d be something wrong. 😉

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