High Five Friday!!!

Hi friends 🙂

Just one word FRIDAY!!!! and what do we do EVERY Friday?? We link up with the beautiful Angela from Happy Fit Mama  to spread good vibes, recap our week and kick start our weekend with a smile 😀


  1. Ok, I just had the MOST EXPLOSIVE workout ever over at Best’s Bootcamp  launch event for bloggers! It was a combo of treadmill and box/floor weight exercises, but in all honesty it was more like a party!!! Where you get a post-workout smoothie at the end 😉
  2. Taking my hydration to the next level thanks to my friend Elle over at Keep it Simplelle and her @Brita competition 😀 Loving my new water bottle already!
  3. My new blog series launched this week!! MAJOR EXCITEMENT!!! “Running around the world” is all about how running is in other countries everywhere in the world! The very first stop in our trip is the NORTH POLE marathon!!!
  4. My first parkrun was this week and I have to admit, running with friends is absolutely the best!! And of course I ‘ll be there tomorrow morning!
  5. My new obsession @yogitea choco! Every sip is like devouring a piece of nutty chocolate!! Love it ❤

So what’s you plans for the weekend? Anything exciting? 😉

Happy -almost- weekend my friends!!!

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40


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