High Five Friday & Happy Birthday to me :)


Hello friends 😀

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Double high fives all around today!! Not only is Friday, but it is also my birthday! Turning 27 years young today! So I won’t keep you waiting any longer, let’s link up with Angela over at Happy Fit Mama and get this -almost- weekend party started!


  1. I have been nailing my cross-training lately, doing at least 3-4 weight lifting sessions a week! I love it when you can feel that that you are getting stronger!
  2. Early birthday present to myself will be here soon… My very first own Garmin. It is an older model but I don’t really care about heart rate since I don’t use it to train with so I am sure it ‘ll work great for now!
  3. My very own playground 😉 I love – absolutely life saving – my new floor cover mat! It is a 6-tile (1.2m x 1.8m) puzzle looking like thick plastic. It makes it so much easier to workout in the morning with out feeling guilty about waking up anyone or holding back on my workout!
  4. Tank top and shorts run #2 ! Yay!! It was such a lovely day yesterday! Temp was at around 18C (65F) no wind and incredible sunshine! Made me want to run for ever no matter how tired I felt before hand…
  5. Having a running buddy?!?! Yes please! I am so excited to have found a running buddy in the neighbourhood! No more lonely long runs 😀


*5 things i’m grateful for…*

1.This guy… I am the luckiest gal to have him in my life ❤ and there is nothing that would make me happier than his smile 🙂 Thank you for being here for me love!

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 08.32.09.png

2. Grateful to have such amazing friends and family! People that have been there for me always no matter how for away I am … All the people I have met through my travels that I am honoured to call my friends!

3. My PhD! The fact that I have this amazing opportunity to do what I love every single day!

4. RUNNING! I am so grateful that I am blessed with the ability to run! I will never take that for granted! Every time my feet hit the ground running it reminds me of all the things my body (and mind) is capable of!!

5. All of you… who give 10′ of your day to read my blog and care to visit my little corner of the internet! I ‘ve met incredibly inspiring people through my blog! And I am grateful for this opportunity to connect with those people that I look up to!

Thank you everyone! Now I’m off to a symposium to present my work on poster 😉 Because what else could a scientist ask for her birthday right!??!? 😛

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