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So excited to share with you today my “Running around the world” series post #2 😀 No idea what i am talking about? Check it out here. Today we are travelling literally to the other end of the world!! Before we get there I just wanted to say a HUGE thank yo to everyone who wanted to be part of this worldwide round up, your responses made me so happy!

  • So where are we travelling today???

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Everyone, meet Emma from Melbourne, Australia! She will share all about running in Melbourne with us 😀

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My name is Emma and I am 25 years old and have lived in Melbourne Australia my whole life. I work as a clinical Dietitian in an acute hospital providing nutrition education to patients with a range of clinical conditions. I have always been an athlete but my main sport growing up was swimming and Surf Life Saving. Surf life Saving is an iconic Australian sport, which involves ocean swimming, board paddling and surf ski paddling. When I was growing up I always did a little bit of running as some cross training for my other sports and to help make up the school cross-country team. When I was 20 years old I joined my first running group. This group is made up of runners of all ages, all abilities and those training for all different kinds of events. Some are training for track racing and others for Ironman triathlons. The coach is Anthony DeCastella and his brother Rob DeCastella is one of Australia’s all time best marathon runners!

Photos: Above Left: a photo when I used to do Surf Life Saving. Top Right: view from Xavier College Oval. Bottom right: Ferny Creek trail.

Over recent years I have been running fairly consistently and have entered into a number of big running events including four half marathons, Victorian cross country races and even tried my hand on the track. This year I am putting all my focus in to training for my first marathon, which will be the Melbourne marathon on October 16th.

The things that I love about running the most are the wonderful friends and group of people the I train with, the amazing sights you can see that you wouldn’t if you weren’t out running, plenty of post run coffee and breakfasts and the sense of accomplishment after finishing a tough training run or race. But the one thing that I absolutely love most about running is that post run runners high!

One of the things I dislike about running is the constant battle to avoid injury. The amount of time you have to put in to injury prevention – strength work, stretching, massage and ice baths ends up taking up nearly as much time as running time itself. Coming from a relatively low impact sporting background I could always get away with not putting as much time into these small things. Not sure whether that is a good thing or not! The only other thing that I dislike about running is running in the dark. But unfortunately this is inevitable at times in winter when working full time. It is however always made much easier when running with other people.

Photos: Above Left: a photo of Aami Park (Soccer stadium) from Olympic Park running track. Above Right: part of The Tan track.

Living in Melbourne I have sought out some of the best running tracks and trails. A typical training week for me sees me running at about 4-5 different locations. When running from home I am lucky that there is a bike path about 500m from where I live that goes for more 30km. This path goes along a freeway and I often run different lengths of the path depending on the distance I am planning on going. My first group session for the week is usually held on a high school oval (Xavier College). The grounds of the school are beautiful and we do our fartlek or speed training around the ovals.

Thursday night training for me is held at one of Melbourne’s most iconic running locations

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 09.28.35
View of Yarra river when running along the Tan

– The Tan. The Tan is about a 3.85km track around Melbourne’s botanical gardens. Running this track you run past the Shrine of Remembrance, along the Yarra River and up Anderson street hill – not fun! There is always heaps of people running around The Tan and it is also well it up at night which is handy. My Sunday long run is usually held at two different locations – either Yarra Flats, which starts in Eaglemont or up in The Dandenong Ranges at Ferny Creek. Ferny creek is my absolute favourite place to run. It is about a 45minute drive from Melbourne up in to the mountains but it is well worth the drive. Up there I run through the forest nearly all the way and up and down long steep hills, which really give the legs a good workout.


Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 09.28.42
Ferny Creek

For any running travellers out there that are looking to come to Melbourne and hit up the tracks I believe The Tan and Ferny Creek to be the spots to head to. The advice that I would give to runners coming to Melbourne would be to be aware that we drive on the LEFT side of the road, so always look both ways when crossing roads. My other key recommendation is to always plan for a brunch date afterwards. Melbourne has the most amazing cafes and what better time to enjoy a brunch feast that after a hard run. My favourite Melbourne cafes are Top Paddock in Richmond, Wide Open Road in Fitzroy, Mr. Hendricks in Balwyn and The Piggery in Sherbrooke Forest. Lastly, if anyone ever is in Melbourne please don’t hesitate to message me on Instagram – @irunmelbourne to meet up for a running tour of Melbourne!

Photos: Right: Top Paddock breakfast. Left: Wide Open Road breakfast.


Thank you so much Emma for sharing this with us 😀

If you are looking forward for more “all around the world running” stay tuned to my series every other Tuesday 😀 For anyone who wants to share their story, from their part of the world shoot me an email to or make sure you follow me on InstagramTwitter and Facebook and give me a shout there 😀

Have an awesome day everyone!! And don’t forget… GET OUT THERE AND RUN!

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  1. Australia sure is beautiful!! I hope to visit there someday soon. I have to agree with Emma, the injury prevention part of running is really time consuming! As I get older I find myself needed to do more. Or maybe that’s me getting “smarter” about running! I want to be out there running as long as I can 🙂

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