Hi friends 😀 😀

It is FRI-YAY! This was a pretty short week I have to say, but not in the least boring or uneventful… Linking up with Angela over at Happy Fit Mama for our usual (almost-) weekend party 😉 Sharing all the awesome high-five worthy things that happened this week!


  1. New PB for 10km happened this week! 54:16 at the London 10,000m 🙂 It was a great race -with plenty of ups & downs – and I made sure this time I crossed the finish line with a BIG smile on my face 😀 Read the full race recap here.
  2. New breakfast obsession 😉 Oatmeal topped strawberries and grind coconut for the win! Also seriously effective as pre-race fuel.
  3. First race running along #TeamSpinal for @SpinalResearch! Awesome group of guys and we hit it off right away! Great job everyone! Hope we’ll get to run together soon!
  4. OK MAJOR EXCITEMENT ALERT!!! –> VACATION COUNTDOWN HAS STARTED! This time next week I’ll be “High Fiving” Friday from the airport!! I can not wait to get back, see our friends and family – eat my mum’s and MIL’s home cooked meals- and of course log some mile in my home country where it is already WARM and SUNNY!!!
  5. Least but definitely not last – Guess who was in women’s running magazine for Global Running Day along with other awesome global runners! YEP, YOURS TRULY!!! Check me out here! (fyi if i knew there is a possibility i’d get picked i would have chosen some nicer pictures of me LOL but oh well… 😉 )

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 13.30.13

*5 new things to try*

  1. This green tea DIY scrub… I’ve always like the smell of green tea.
  2. This summer salad with mango, fennel and blueberries (still on the blueberry high here LOL) looks absolutely yummy and totally mouth watering!
  3. Well going on vacation and all had me looking for sun-block (obviously…) and I came across this recipe for an all natural sun block. Have you guys ever tried anything like it? Thoughts on it? I wonder if it’ll be as effective but i ‘m definitely willing to give it a shot…
  4. Making my own cold brew coffee… a girl can dream right!?!?
  5. I want to try making my own coconut yogurt like here. It doesn’t look easy but I really think the taste will be a huge pay off (if it works that is… LOL)!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!! Do you have any plans yet!?! Who’s racing?

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40


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