Marathon ready in 7 … thoughts!

This was the original title for this post: Thoughts of an “about-to-be” marathoner…

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Not sure why I decided against it but I wanted to include it anyway.

So the other day I was waiting to meet a friend of mine, to got to a HIIT workout together. I was a little early – surprise there… – so I enjoyed a coffee in the sunshine for a bit while waiting for her. And then of course my mind started “running”, and calculating and planning. I did the “math” in my head and I realised that after we get back from vacation there are 18 weeks left till my marathon… My very first marathon. Needles to say I broke into cold sweat. I know that 18 weeks is plenty of time for training for an intermediate runner but still that doesn’t make it any less scary.

So while waiting, i made a -pretty long- mental list of all the things that I know will help me and motivate me to get through this training cycle and the marathon… And here you have it, the aftermath of all that thinking 😉


For me one of the most important things is one solid support network! People that you know they will give you both a kick in the butt if you become lazy or a shoulder to cry if fear and stress gets the best of you! I am so grateful for all the people in my life that support me through all my crazy ventures!

2. Buddy Up!

Get yourself a running buddy! Someone you know they will push you through the hard times and they will cheer and celebrate all your victories with! Try and find someone with similar goals as you, since training for similar things would really -really- help with your mindset!

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3. The more the merrier!

I admit that running by myself with just my music has a very therapeutic effect,especially after a long day. But there is nothing better to get me out of bed on a Saturday morning – i am convinced that no one is suppose to be awake at 7am on a Saturday – than meeting your buddies for a run in the park. Knowing what i ‘ll be missing out if I don’t get my butt out of bed would definitely get me moving… 😛

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4. Get inspired! 

Find people yo look up to and talk to them, seek their advice and guidance and get motivation from them! I am sure we all have our “running” heroes! For me, they are not star athletes, but they are everyday people like me, who manage to achieve all the things I am striving for! Such as Tina and Carly! These are people that will chase their dreams not matter what and I’ve learned a lot from them through the years of reading their blogs and also when I contacted them!

5. Get yourself a Coach!

Someone that inspires you…

Someone that makes you feel like you can achieve ANYTHING you set your mind on!


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6. Visualize it and it’s yours!

Since I decided to do this, all I can think about every time I run (and not only…) is my goal! I can see me crossing the finish line in the ancient stadium where my ancestors run…Running the original course is such a big dream of mine. And the fact that this is my home country, makes it even more special. To know that you are running a path where your ancestors run before you. To know that  you are running a route which literally changed the world and made it as we know it now, and gave a chance to democracy and great values!

When my coach run 524km in 6 days all she said was.. “I had already run the distance in my mind before I even started! I knew I could do it!”

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Well, I have to admit that after all these thoughts (even thought i m still pretty scared about it, but come on who wouldnt be?!?!) I think I am ready to start my training once I get back! And of course last but not least…

7. Accountability 

I am counting on YOU guys! I will be sharing my training progress every week something like a little diary. To keep me accountable and to remind me my goal! Every comment would make a difference and would keep me going 😀

Have a great Tuesday friends!

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3 thoughts on “Marathon ready in 7 … thoughts!

  1. There’s something so special about training for the marathon. It’s such a long process, full of great workouts, really brutally awful runs and every emotion possible. When you run the marathon distance, you will have the same ups and downs, joys and pain, as during training, just in a microcosm on the day. Enjoy the journey, Ellen!

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