High Five Friday & Vacation READY!


Hi friends 😀

Not only it’s Friday but it’s official the first day of our VACATION!! Yup, you guessed right excitement level is sky high! So let’s connect with my good friend Angela over at Happy Fit Mama and get both the weekend and my vacation off to an awesome start!

(fyi I really REALLY love “High Five Fridays” so i am actually posting this one from the airport! Gotta ❤ free WiFi at the business lounge! )


  1. Vacation READY! I love those mint pair of shorts!! and of course my scarf obsession continues ❤
  2. Lunch at the Lufthansa business lounge before our flight (which is already delayed about an hour 😦 ) not too shabby 😉 Food was delicious!
  3. BBQ with my running buddy and my favourite man last Sunday! Totally out of the blue, I love those not scheduled impromptu dates with friends!
  4. We opted for a Greek – German night – with plenty of souvlaki (skewers of meat/veggies), grilled haloumi cheese, and homemade tzatziki (yogurt sauce with garlic and cucumber)
  5. So, last weekend my friend invited me as a plus one to a workout event at one of Active Virgin gyms here in London. Even though the workout was totally disappointing (awfully organised and tottaly only for publicity since there were very few fitness related people there) but the open day at the gym’s spa and a few Negronis later  this gal was very happy again 😉

So these were some of the most memorable moments of last week!

*5 Things I packed to keep up with my fitness/running game*

So, one thing you should know about me, i ALWAYS pack last minute! I mean I usually know what i need but since i am not telekinetic just thinking about it ain’t gonna cut it!  So this is the reason why there are not many pictures of my suitcase at all…

  1. Yes, this is my blender! Call me crazy but I have become so dependent on my morning protein smoothie that i refuse to not have it! Also this is so small and weights less than 2 lbs, so why not eh!?!
  2. My favourite running outfit + 2 more (just in case LOL) and my running sneakers
  3. This awesome and very compact resistance band assortment is PERFECT for travelling
  4. 14 days = 14 scoops of my protein powder (and pre workout no photo of it sorry!)
  5. My new baby!! I don’t actually have it yet since it arrived in Athens before me 🙂 I asked a friend to bring it over from the States (save a little money on extremely expensive shipping costs!)

I promise I’ ll do a full post on how to keep up your fitness game while on vacation and also have fun doing it! I also promise tons of pictures during our stay in Greece!!!

Have an awesome Friday and weekend everyone!!! ❤

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40

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