High Five Friday!!

Hello friends 🙂 🙂

I hope you all had a great week so far… I know I’ve missed a few High Five Fridays lately, and to be totally honest, this is because there weren’t many good things happening around here 😦 I have been trying very hard to see the positive in all the things that life threw at us the past few weeks. With two of my closest family/friends having health issues and major surgeries and other bad news that just kept coming it has been a pretty tough few weeks… But things are looking up now for all of us, and life goes on 🙂 And this girl is BACK 😀 Because for all of you that don’t know me very well, no matter how much i hate falling down, I always (ALWAYS) get back up! no matter how many times I get pushed down by life, work, health issues, at the end I WIN 😀 So enough said, let’s get this party started, I’ll link up with my friend Angela over at Happy Fit Mama and let’s spread ALL the positives vibes we can!!!


(not all of them are from this week but still… Happy smiles!)

  1. (almost) 11.5 miles today and all that BEFORE I even had breakfast/ went to work 😮 ! Remember how i was saying I wanted to be a morning runner? Well that’s a start right???? LOL! Met my new running buddy, Corey the blogger from Learning Patience , at 6 am and went for a 12 mile run from our neighbourhood all the way to big Ben and back 🙂 Also Corey was really awesome and she let me borrow her Garmin (hence the pic) since I forgot to charge mine (what a surprise @mymamus would say LOL) and it died mid-run… Thanks Corey 😉
  2. My shake out 2 mile run last week. It was SO HOT, London with 32C isn’t fun!!
  3. Great news —> I passed my transfer viva and I am OFFICIALLY a 2nd year PhD student! Yeah!! 1 year down 2 to go!
  4. The view by the river from my last long run 🙂 Pretty ain’t it?? But oh soooo hot!
  5. See this face? This almost smile? Well this is me at mile 5.5 out of 11. I was almost in tears, I ended up walking for at least half a mile and I wanted to quit. I called @mymamus at least 3 times saying that I CAN NOT do this… But you know what, after a few sips of water and a bit of walking I started running again and at the end I saw this run through! Not one of my best ones but I still learnt/remembered quite a few things! Like: It is OK to walk!! That does NOT make you a failure! Or do not miscalculate the weather and hydrate properly!

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.32.19


  1. The fact that both my loved ones with health issues are now well and on the road for recovery!
  2. Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 07.31.03Having THE BEST man next me! I couldn’t have possibly go through these past weeks without his love ❤ and support! Thanks baby :*
  3. Running buddies (old and new ones) and friends for listening to my rants and being there for me!
  4. My WORK! I know work and I haven’t been seeing eye to eye lately but this is all about to change! I love science and I know that what I do is important and it matters! Even though it is really hard to remember sometimes when things are not working…
  5. My two feet! I know it sounds weird but i am grateful that I am ABLE (and healthy) to run all the distance, and of course complain about it later LOL, and still feel good!

Well, that’s all for now friends 🙂 I hope you all enjoy your Friday! It is rainy and humid around here but who cares!! It is still Friday! I am working this weekend! But who cares… It is still Friday!!! 😀 LOL…

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40

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