How to break out of a fitness rut

We have all been there… You wake up in the morning and you think to yourself “I don’t feel like it, I ‘ll work out once I get back from work/later in the evening”. Then the evening rolls around and you find yourself on the couch binging on Netflix with a glass of wine after dinner… Then you say “Tomorrow for sure I’ll work out” and this is how the week goes by and this “tomorrow” never quite comes…

But what do you do when most of the stuff (good ol’ tricks) that we have all read before don’t help? You bought new work out clothes to motivate yourself but they are still there tag on tacked away in your drawer… You made a plan you have yet to follow since last week… You joined a FB support group but looking at other people’s progress only makes you feel more like a failure…


I am afraid there is no magic words, pills or tricks apart from pure effort and dedication. I have to admit I was in a rut for quite a while now, just going through the motions, and these are a few things that REALLY helped me to get back up and break out of this rut 🙂

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1.STOP saying I’ll start on Monday! Start NOW!

There will always be set backs and even though I am all about Mondays as new starts to a fresh week etc, stop waiting for Monday to make your move. Don’t give yourself this as an excuse to binge and eat all the crap you want since “I’ll start being healthy again on Monday”… I used to get into this loop ALL the time and then I realized there is no better time than now!

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2.Do something you enjoy! 

I know you want to run the marathon, I know want this PR but lets see it this way, a different work out is better than no workout!!! … If you don’t feel like exercising it is x100 more difficult to follow your marathon/triathlon etc training plan. It is OK to do something different as long as you keep moving! You don’t feel like speed work and the track today? Hop on the static bike. You don’t feel like strength training? Get out for a run and enjoy the sunshine 🙂

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3. It is suppose to be HARD!!!

Whoever said it is going to be easy they lied to you… Remember those times when you were 15-20 lbs lighter, your decline to alcohol and chocolate was a given and a morning run was second nature for you???? Well these times where THEN… What about NOW??? Now it’s been a while, your body is not in the same shape it used to be but most of all your mindset is not the same either! So take it easy, lower your expectations and celebrate your small victories! Work hard and commit to it and instead of beating yourself up about how you “used to feel“, how you “used to look like“, how fast/long you “used to run” think about how fast/long you actually run TODAY! Reset the clock and set new standards! No one wants to look back wards why do you????

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4.You fail to plan, You Plan to fail!

It is as simple as that… FOOD PREP! Unless you now for sure (like working from home)  that you will have time to cook EVERY single meal/snack of your day then you need to cook ahead! Not just have an idea of what you will cook for dinner, but have as much of it as you can prepared! It is more probable that you ‘ll decide on something easier and faster than your planned meal if you get home late and there is nothing ready or prepped! SO cook your chicken/fish etc on bulk, roast a lot of veggies, pre cut your veggies and pack your lunches! There are so many blog posts/articles out there on food prep and pinterest is FULL of ideas about it!

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5.Sign Up for a race ALONG with friends

First of all, signing up for a race (and spending the money LOL) will give you some extra motivation to get out the door… Also, if you sign up with some of your running buddies not only you can train together, but also a little bit of healthy competition or helping each other through will take you a long way!!

But most of all don’t forget to SMILE 😀 and be sure your are healthy and fit to exercise without pushing yourself to the limits (to avoid injuries…)

Happy Tuesday!

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4 thoughts on “How to break out of a fitness rut

    If you want to get fit faster, a late-day workout is the most efficient way to go. Research by Michael Deschenes, PhD, an exercise physiologist at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, shows that strength and endurance climb by about 5 percent between 4 and 8 p.m., compared with morning hours, so you can push yourself harder. Your muscles are warmer, too, which will help you avoid injury.

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