Is there such a thing as OVER-organised?

Well I don’t think I need to say much since a picture is about 1000 words 😉 —>

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 08.43.25

Isn’t it pretty??? Yes I know, I was drooling over it when I saw it too… But you know what? The moment I saw it I knew this new hype, bullet journaling, just isn’t for me. Even though I am quite creative, I can’t draw to save my own life… so this was out of the question 😉 now where am I going with this? Right here –>

I used to be the person (“used to be” is the KEY word in this sentence) who would plan out every hour of every day! My meals, my workouts, my free time, reading time… EVERYTHING! It obviously didn’t look as pretty as the diary above…

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 08.34.21

Did it work? Well that depends on how you measure success… I can tell you the Pros and Cons and I believe you will clearly see if it worked or not.


  1. I was always on time (and usually earlier) for everything.
  2. Things AWLAYS got done.
  3. I never had to ask myself “what’s for dinner”.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 08.34.48


  1. If my plan failed, my day would take a bad turn and my mood would immediately turn to grumpy
  2. I would say no, to friends and their impromptu plans for a drink or a coffee – since it wasn’t on my schedule!
  3. I would feel seriously guilty if I didn’t do the “designated” workout for the day. I’d still do it but not enjoy it 😦 (probably cause I was in the mood for a different work out but of course…can not possibly deviate from my plan!!)
  4. Too much pressure on myself!
  5. Not being spontaneous at all… well isn’t that a romance killer…
  6. Apparently, trying to “fit people” into your schedule is also frowned upon.

So this is my list. These are all the reason why i decided to STOP this kind of planning. As it turned out it was just  not for me. the moment I would structure my workouts -written in stone etc… – I would have trouble getting them in and sticking with it. I strongly believe it is a mental thing…

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 08.35.08

So what I do now?

Well, i still plan but in a more “weekly” instead of daily fashion. I know what I have to accomplish in this week, running workouts, other plans etc, and I just juggle my day. If I feel like running a my Tempo run – great! If not, I’ll spin or lift weights. I have most of my groceries at home and able to pick out of 1-2 dinner option 🙂

Impromptu runs & workouts with friends are so much more fun and keep me motivated! – – So what have I learnt so far? (And of course this is totally personal, the fact I can’t plan like that doesn’t mean no one can or should do it!)

I have learnt that daily planning suffocated me! It feels like it puts too much pressure on me. Knowing what to exactly eat, what exact work out to do… really didn’t work for me. It was like, every time time I tried it my fun time would turn into an obligation and I ‘d be knee deep in denial… Oh the brain is such a powerful thing! I learnt that it is OK to let go! Over organising (or should I say controlling) every single aspect of life is just not necessary!

I have an idea (name it a week plan) about all the things I would like to accomplish in this week (some sort of a veeeeery long to do list) and I tick things off as i go 🙂

I would love to hear your opinion on this people! What type of planner are you? Any one can relate with me on this?

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40



10 thoughts on “Is there such a thing as OVER-organised?

  1. So, I’m the type of person who does the initial planning way in in advance but when the time comes, its last minute! lol… I’ve recently been trying to create lists that look like those planning routines in the top image just to ensure that simple stuff gets done on a regular basis! Being self employed I just need a little more structure, and also because I’m focusing on lots of different big projects. As with anything, it’s all about finding balance!

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  2. omg I’m a total planning obsessive… I have multiple notebooks, calendars, to do lists, all coming out of my ears on a daily basis. It took a while for me to realise that actually, sometimes you just need to DO THINGS rather than think about doing them! But ooooh that notebook in that pic is sooo pretty!!

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    1. I was so much like this too! (I do have a slight obsession with notebooks and stationary – I mean who doesn’t right???? ) and this didn’t help either. But I just realized that it all became too much and i wasn’t happy… so i had to let go!


  3. I currently have three notepads on my desk, each with different to do lists and notes scribbled. I use my phone calendar, Google Calendar and Trello too. I am an organisation whore, who actually needs to stop thinking about stuff and sometimes just get on with doing things!!!


  4. I found myself wasting a lot of valuable time in the evening just watching TV. I’ve since rescheduled an hour every night to do something valuable, writing out a school – style learning timetable!
    I think a balance has to be struck though, you’re very right there.

    All the best!

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  5. I have mixed feelings about this, Ellen! I’m just going through some changes now (becoming minimalist, I already posted on the blog about it) and the idea is to get rid of the non-essential activities to clear the schedule. Then, organizing won’t be so hard. Choose a few weekly activities and every day choose a few of those to do.
    I agree with your post, except for one single thing. Saying NO to other people is ok. If you have other priorities at that moment, then you shouldn’t feel bad about non meeting someone. You should have the liberty of choosing how you spend your time according to what matters to you. xo Andreea (PennyPlainFit)

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  6. Hi Andreea, thank you so much for your response and yes I totally agree with you! As for your last point i have to admit I had in my mind an example from my personal life when I wrote it and now reading back to it it does sound different than what I intended. So yes I agree with you as well, it is our right to say NO to people when there is no time, prioritizing is very important. We also started being more “having less” especially with stuff in the house and it’s made a world of difference having only what you really need!!
    xoxoxo Ellen


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