High Five Friday & 5 things I will commit to this month!

Fri – YAY!!! 😀 😀

I have come to really ❤ Fridays even more the past few weeks! Knowing that i’ll meet up with my running buddy Corey and we ‘ll hit the streets and get to see a run-rise has me all excited EVERY single time! I feel like my friend Angela over at Happy Fit Mama with her INCREDIBLE sunrise pictures 😉

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.32.19

So here we are 🙂 recap of my week and sharing of all my positives vibes ❤ ❤


  1. Ok I know you guys are probably fed up of seeing my new fitted shoes on the blog every time LOL 😛 but this time I wont rave about how awesome they feel and how my running has changed cause of them… This time I will share another game changer for me 🙂 So, backstory: Lately I’ve been having increasing bunion pain, even Paula Radcliffe  had this exact issue (more serious than mine though…)! so after quite a bit of research THIS is one way I found to cope with it! I tried a few runs with my shoelaces tied like this (see how I ve skipped a hole and I’ve used the other side to compensate???) and it made a world of difference 🙂 Not pain free yet but there isn’t as much pressure on it!
  2. After my long run last Sunday with my running buddy Sabine we ended up at her back yard BBQ-ing meat and veggies!! Nothing better after 15km 😀 Also good luck, this weekend she is running the Dublin half marathon!
  3. I’ve been doing some really cool science this past weeks 🙂 🙂 Nothing better than experiments that work WHOO-HOO!!! Unfortunately the fashion related memo never made it to my lab LOL! Yes, this is my “working attire” 😉 😛
  4. Next AWESOME feeling for today?? Long run already in the books and it’s not even the weekend! LOVING IT!!! Thanks Corey, I really enjoy our runs 🙂
  5. And the BEST of THE BEST that happened this week…. I GOT MY BIKE!!!! YAY!!! It is the first time in my life i am getting a brand new bike – due to countless cousins and one brother I always had good bikes but never new ones. My new Apollo Virtue 2015 is pretty awesome! Yup, that would be a neon pink-purplish helmet on my head … @mymamus insisted that neon pink is safer than navy blue – more reflective and people can see you better – but I still think he just enjoys making me wear pink in any possible occasion!

So all and all this was a pretty rad week 🙂 Can’t wait for the weekend though cause i am in desperate need of some extra sleep!


Oh this… Just a random picture of my favourite place on earth 😀 Summer reminder!

*5 things I am committing to do in August*

  1. Commute to work EVERY day with my new bike (maybe not Fridays if I had a long run in the morning)
  2. Unplug (phone,PC etc) and be in bed by 9:30-10pm. I used to be really good at it and my 5am wake up call was pretty easy. But I’ve been going t bed quite late lately (LOL) and I find it extra hard to wake up and be productive and not tired…
  3. Stop my silly yo-yo like eating habits!!! Jeezz this one is killing me! I became an emotional eater since I quite smoking a few years ago. If I am sad/stressed/upset I eat… And my “healthy eating ” goes down the drain. Well not anymore! I am going to commit to eating as healthy as I can and everything in moderation (I am unable to diet since I refuse to physically deprive my self from food!)
  4. Be more mindful during my day 🙂
  5. Never miss two days of working out in a row! It really screws up my momentum if i do this!

So anything exciting and awesome happened this week for you guys?? Please do share! There is no such thing as too much positiveness!!

Anything you ‘d like to commit to this month? New habits?

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40



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