4 tips to add cross training into your marathon training – WeTrain!

Hello everyone 🙂

Hope you are having a brilliant Wednesday so far!

It’s been 6 weeks since I started my (very first) marathon training cycle, and I have to admit, even with the expected (and unexpected) ups and downs the running part of my training has been going quite well and I am very satisfied with it 😀 Yes, I did say the “running part” and you are probably wondering what other part but running can there be in a MARATHON training cycle…

Well, as many of us know, cross training during marathon training is as important as running itself (same goes for stretching and foam rolling but I’ll get into this in another post). Quite a few options can be considered cross training: cycling, weight lifting, dancing, swimming, spinning… In general anything BUT running 😉

So, you ‘ve manage to run four times this week and you are very excited with your progress – feel like taking three or two days of rest instead of one?? Don’t! Don’t skip cross training because you feel good.. because you can feel EVEN BETTER!

Get those ab exercises in —> You need a strong core for better endurance during running

Get those squats in —> You need strong glutes for better support during running

So, since 1+1 = 2… All and all you need to work more muscle than the ones you are working when running  for your performance levels to increase… (Trust the scientist 😉 😛 )

My way of making sure I will NOT skip cross-training… It’s called WeTrain and it is rather brilliant if I may say so 🙂

But it all “sounds” great on paper right???? How do you make it happen when you are tired, busy and all you want to do is reward yourself with a glass of wine and some quality Netflix binging???

THIS is what I do!

*Arrange to workout with friends!

For me this a usual Tuesday evening workout with Elle from WeTrain! Knowing that someone is waiting for you is pretty much all the motivation most of us need to be kept accountable!

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 15.05.33.png

*Get out of the gym!

As long as the weather permits it (especially when this is London we are talking about) you should GET OUT and have fun! I absolutely ❤ working out in the park! And WeTrain offers many sessions in local parks (around South London for all of you London based friends) which makes working out extra fun!

*Get a personal trainer (you can actually afford…..)

Sometimes a regular gym membership ain’t gonna cut it…Attending a class along with 15 or 20 more people is one thing, but attending a class with just you or another 5-7 people tops (and most of them your friends) it is taking your fitness to a totally other level! It is like having a personal trainer making sure that your form is right, motivating you, even yelling when necessary is TOTALLY all you need to get to your full potential. For me WeTrain was the only option (here in London) that I could actually (and happily) afford and really worked for my needs…

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 14.31.41

*Make it a date!

It is the same thing I (usually) do for my long runs! Having something to look forward to works wonders for your motivation. For me that is french toast with bacon and maple syrup and a good cup of Joe. If that is along with great friends after a sweaty work out EVEN better 😀 Love the latest WeTrain Blog post about their pre-brunch workout and also all the local suggestions for a great brunch!

For all my London based friends check out their Webpage, Facebook or Instagram 🙂 and you should totally give it a go! They offer a wide range of sessions, from HIIT workout and bootcamp style classes to yoga and stretches, and they can be either outside in the park or in a studio/gym.

I am definitely trying their yoga class this weekend after my long run… My seriously stiff legs are in sore need of some stretching!

What do you do for cross-training? And how many times a week?

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40

*Disclaimer: I did receive a month of free workout sessions in order to try out and review this service, however this is, as ALWAYS, my OWN personal opinion.

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