High Five Friday!!!


Hello everyone!

How is you week so far? I can’t believe how fast time flies when I am being busy (and I have to admit quite happy lately 😀 :D). I think I thrive on being busy and doing all the things I love! Ok, so this week was pretty awesome with many things happening. It took me a while to find the five best (i really wanted to cheat and tell you about all of them LOL but I wont).

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.32.19

So let’s see what I’ve been up to 🙂


  1. I tried yet another AWESOME WeTRAIN session, this time with Stevie, at 6:30am on the park. There is no better way to start your day, than an exciting, butt-kicking workout. Blasting music, squats, push ups and sprints sounds like my kind of morning 😀
  2. Ok, I think my amazing yogi friend Angela over at Happy Fit Mama would be so proud of me 🙂 Look at my Crow pose in my very first yoga session EVER! Now THAT is high five worthy 😉
  3. Last week’s 11.2 mile long run was (not totally) but pretty close to a unicorn run! It felt pretty good and I even sped up the pace considerably for the last 2.5 miles. Happy smiles = good run!
  4. I got a great opportunity to join the Castle, a new gym/swimming/ community centre which is only 10 minutes away from work, and try out for a few months! It is brand new and very nice! So be prepared for a lot of sweaty treadmill and not only pictures!
  5. Finally, how you can turn a bad day into a great day. Most of you probably saw on FB that i got a flat tire, more like my tire exploded during rush hour in the bike highway… So not fun. Had to lock it to a pole and walk the rest 3 miles to work. Same day my favourite jeans ripped (at work…), got on the wrong bus (more walking…) and the subway was out of service… BUT still it end up being an awesome day! @mymamus met with me and tried to fix my bike and the plan was for me to ride it home and he ‘ll get the bus. Well, that didnt work out… the tire was also messed up along with the inner tube so even thought I could wheel the bike I could not ride it. Which means WE had to push it home… Yup all 4.5 miles of it… But it was so much fun! It ended up being an impromptu date where we talked, laughed and ate snacks on the side of the road. I swear this guy is like my knight in a shinning armour sometimes 😛 Cheesy I know… but I am so grateful that he likes me 😉 with all my craziness! All it takes is one person for your day to get better 🙂 I did have a bad day but my my point??


Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40


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