Athens Marathon – Training log Week #11 & my FIRST trail run!

Hi there beautiful people 🙂

I can not believe this was already week 11 of marathon prep gone… I am at the point where, I am quite happy with how its going but mentally I am a bit of a wreck. I really -REALLY- want this 4:00:00 but i keep doubting myself these days…

Oh well, I guess all I can do is do my very best, give the race my 100% and see what happens. So how this past week went down?

Monday: Did a Barrè class with Hillary and WeTrain. Seriously EVERY time I get to this class I have a blast! Hillary is awesome and the class “burns” so good 😉

Tuesday: Had a date with the TRX and Stevie from WeTrain in the park at 6:15am for a morning workout. Now THIS is what i call “proper wake up call” 😉

Wednesday: Corey and I decided to hit the hills – I don’t know who of the two of us comes up with those brilliant ideas but sometimes I am not sure they are that brilliant…. So I did an easy 3 miles  run, 5x500m (approximately) hill repeats at full effort, and about 1.2 miles cool down –> 6.2 miles total.

Going up the hill…..


Thursday: Yet another Barrè class. Yup, you guessed right… we can’t get enough of being in pain while pretending we can graciously do ballet 😛

Friday: Now this is a big one for me! MY LONGEST LONG (is that even a sentence??? LOL) RUN E-V-E-R!! 16 miles aka 27km…. I can not believe i actually made it! And the best part? Till about mile 11 I felt just fine! After that yeah I did start to feel it quite a bit! Couldn’t have done it without my buddy Corey 😀 I think we did an excellent job of supporting each other!

The plan –>


The execution (we called it “the London running tour”) –>

The obligatory feet selfie –>


The “how-a-human-looks-like-after-27km” obligatory selfie #2 –>


The post run snack –>


Oh and did I mention that all the above took place before 9:30am?? And that crazy me went straight to work afterwards?? Yes 😀

Saturday: Another first for me! MY VERY FIRST TRAIL RUN! It was only 7km (i didnt want to push it after my long run) but it was totally worth it! Waking up at 5:30am and getting on a bus for two hours to get to (somewhere around) Kent it was a small price to pay if you get to run in those beautiful trails. It was a perfect route for a newbie like myself with a good mix of both road and trails. I m hooked and I’d totally do it again! Thank you Race Mavericks totally ❤ my first trail running experience.

The bling was AMAZING!! The best medal I ‘ve earned so far!

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 07.56.33.png

The views. No words necessary.

And buddies 🙂 Old, like my friend Mollie (middle) from PT Mollie , and new like my crazy Welsh friend Angharad (right) 🙂


Sunday: Much needed day OFF! Had a coffee date with my special man and then my very first clothes’ swap with some awesome ladies! This was sooooo much fun!!!! You will not believe the amount of great cute clothes i got!!


Weekly mileage: 27.2

Total mileage: 213.3

Weekly cross-training session: 3

Yes this was one crazy busy week. And have another one coming! Somehow (thanks Corey 😉 !!) I’ve managed to have a race every weekend for the past 3 weeks, and next weekend will be no different. I have gone totally mad and decided to do an obstacle 10km race with Rough Runner. Not sure what was I thinking when I said yes to that one…. Hope I’ll make it out in one piece lol!

Have an awesome week everyone!! Let me know how your weekend was. Any new bling/race updates to share?

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40

6 thoughts on “Athens Marathon – Training log Week #11 & my FIRST trail run!

  1. Looks like a productive week! I really miss running with friends. I was always running in the very early morning and it was more convenient to just run on my own. Hopefully I will get back with some pals now that my race is done!
    Mind if I ask, what pace are you doing your long runs at?

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    1. I used to run by myself but i ve grown to love my few running buddies, this lady especially 😃 i believe we did approximatelly 9:45/mile it was a very easy pace one – last few miles for me are always faster – down to 9:00/mile ova little less

      Liked by 1 person

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