Hello friends from around the world 😉
Today i am super excited to share another “Running around the world” piece, this time from an exotic destination and an elite ethlete!  (No idea what i am talking about? Check it out here)! I know it is not Tuesday (I should probably drop this Tuesday thing right?? Since I have no patience whatsoever…. 😉 ) but I couldn’t wait to share this one, it was too interesting and awesome not to share! So today’s piece is from Joseph Mugekenyi 😀
Let’s see in which part of our world we are going to travel today!
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Today’s post will be a little different than usual and it will be more like an interview instead of the story. That’s because I had like a gazillion questions for Joseph 😉
So here we go! Enjoy!
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Q: when did you start running and why did you start running?
A: When I was in high school in the year 2002, and because there was sponsorship in high school for running.
Q: why did you choose running over other sports?
A: I’m talented in running more than other sports and also it is my passion
Q: where do you run in your hometown?
A: I have run many races in Kenya, like Ndakaini half marathon,laikipia university half marathon,Nairobi marathon and many others places.
Q: if a runner was visiting Kenya and you hometown what advice you would give them about where to run, what to be aware of ?
A: To be ready for a tough workout with hill routes,rough roads,and many beautiful places
Q:  whats the weather like in your country? Does it affect your running? Any advice to other runners who run in similar weather?
A: Weather in Kenya keep changing, hot, cold,windy,raining.It is best to not training during the day when it’s hot but also when it’s raining due to muddy and slippery ground.My advice to other runners is to train early in the morning before the weather is hot and late evening when weather is cool.
Q: how do you train? Do you have a coach? Any big upcoming races for you?  
A:I do my long runs in the morning and usually jogging in the evenings. I do not have a coach I’m my own coach.Yes, I have an upcoming race on 30 October, the Nairobi marathon.
Q:what is your favourite place to run in your country ?
A:My favourite place to run is Nanyuki Kenya.
Q:do you run alone or you have running friends?
A:I run alone but usually during speed work I have friends to run with.
Q:what else do you like to do apart from running? Do you have any other hobbies?
A:I do business to get my daily bread.I have a shop and I sell motorcycle spare parts. I like watching sports and making new friends, usually other athletes.
Q:what type of fuelling do you prefer for your long runs and marathons?
A:I prefer eating a balance diet. In the morning, at 10am fruits,lunch our traditional food’s,4pm porridge, supper Ugali and greens vegetables.
Q:what is your favourite distance to run, marathon, half marathon, other?
A:I like the half marathon
Q:what are your best time (personal record) for the marathon and the half marathon?
A: Half best time 1:04, full marathon 2:12.
Q: what is your favourite running memory?
A:Favourable memory is when I won my first race in cross-country in the year 2003.


Huge thank you to Joseph for sharing his story with us🙂

Till next time with other exotic (and not) running destinations!!


Any one who has a running story from ANYWHERE in the world that would like to be part of these series is welcome!! Shoot me an email to or send me atweet or a Facebook or an Instagram message! Also if you would like to connect with other runners from all over the world you can join our -open to all- Facebook group 😀

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