Athens Marathon – Training log Week #14

Hi everyone 🙂

How was your week? I know I have been very silent this past week but I am not even going to mention how busy I have been! The next two weeks will be super crucial for my research and I needed to make sure i had all I need and that everything was in place! I am quite anxious about it but I have a good feeling – and great people to work with 😉

So how did my week went? Slow, like really slow… After my (very first ever) 20 miler the week before I took 2 days off to recover, mostly mentally lol 😛 ! But then work came into high gear so I had my first run of the week on Wednesday… Yeah I know…

Wednesday: 5k tempo run – unfortunatelly  little slower than what I would ‘ve liked but at least I got it done even though I was totally not feeling it and oh so tired! Also have i mentions how much I love fall?? Look at this beauty!


Saturday: Speed work – 1km w/u, 4×800 , 1.5km cool down. Totally love these treadmills at the Castle centre (review coming this week stay tuned!!!) were you can visually “see” yourself going around the track!


Sunday: Long run – 15 miles (around 25km) in about 2:20 ish! Not too shabby 😉 That was a good one! I did need a good run since my last too long runs were – mentally – very challenging! And yesterday was a win! 🙂

That was my face afterwards 😉

As for the rest of my weekend it was pretty chilled 😀

Spent Saturday with my good friend Jen celebrating her birthday with a visit to the aquarium (better photos coming soon 😉 ), a girlie lunch and chocolate cake after dinner!

I cleaned up pretty nicely i believe 😉


Sunday after my run I went by the lab to make sure everything was all good for the week and got to hang out with my friend Kat for a while afterwards. So all and all a good weekend 😀

Also I am super excited to run the Royal Parks half marathon this Sunday! I am aiming for a sub – 2hours – missed it for 6 minutes last time – so wish me luck 🙂

Weekly mileage: 22.2

Total mileage: 282.0

Weekly cross-training session: 1 (if you count the amount of carrying and up and down the stairs i had to do on Friday 😉 )

Hope you all have an amazing week!!🙂

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40


5 thoughts on “Athens Marathon – Training log Week #14

  1. Good job on your runs this week! Your job sounds quite interesting – kinda like a movie! I have a 10K this Sunday and I’m wondering how I should pace it. My goal race is the half marathon in 2 weekends, so I don’t want to over do it. Good luck on your half marathon. You can do it!! Go sub 2 hrs!!

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