What does a DECATHLON, a Sunday Roast & a Penguin have in common?!?!?!


Hi there people 🙂

Hope you had an awesome weekend!!!

We had a blast 😀 – apart from the fact that I still have the nastiest cough ever… 😦

So, Saturday after I went into work for a few hours to check on a few things, I have to admit I spent the rest of my day on the couch (equivalent to my bed since we have some friends over and we have happily given away our bed 😉 ) watching House on Netflix and napping and eating Chinese take away 🙂 Yes, THAT productive lol! But I needed the rest more than I knew since I still felt quite a bit under the weather…

As for Sunday… well it was AWESOME!!!


@mymamus and I, met up with Corey and he husband Glen to have fun  compete 😉 at  a really cool event at Decathlon in Canada water! Totally ❤ this photo of the four of us 😉

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 21.21.29.png

I was so excited to do this!! Apart from the fact that it was so much fun, it is the first event @mymamus and I did together 🙂

So what was it all about?

10 stations

10 decathletes

1 minute per station 

Let the best man win 😉 – or woman (hint, hint, hint)

(Since we were all competing that means my official photographer aka @mymamus didn’t take that many photos this time… but the officials are coming out soon 🙂 )

Power bike – top resistance… now that was hard! I managed 57 meters in minute.

Mini golf. I ‘ve never done that before and managed 2 out of 20 in a hole – but it was still really fun!


Hula Hoop for 1 minute! Now that one, I totally smashed 🙂


Pop up tent! Have I mentioned how much I hate those things??? They are sooooo disobedient lol!!! But it did it under a minute 🙂

Boot lace up! Those hiking boots were no joke.

Put on a wetsuit, flippers and a mask in under a minute… well I think it took me a little more than a minute cause I couldn’t stop laughing…

boxing pad punches – I managed 210 punches in a minute, my arms were on fire but I have to admit it made me realize I have kinda missed boxing a little. Oh yes I use to box have I mentioned that?!?! 😉 Even though my form on this photo makes me cringe 😉


Darts! – not too bad but still not great. I think I need a beer or two to be good at that 😉

Basketball – I managed to score 4 shots… Out of… well let’s not talk about it. I am not short or anything 😛 maybe a little vertically challenged LOL As for the photo, yes I am totally looking like “where the heck did this ball bounced off to?!?!”


Put on high visibility clothes/gloves/hats in 30 seconds and then sprint 100 yards for another 30 – it’s a miracle i didnt fell on my face lol 😛


The day was awesome, the weather was great, and I got to do all these fun things with good friends and my special other half 🙂


Also, at the end, we all got a £10 gift card each AND medals and there was one winner…. Can you guess who that was?? Yup, that’s right! This great gal here 😉 Totally nailed it girl!!!


After that I have to admit we were pretty tired (and hungry…) and we met up with our very good friend Kat and her mum who was visiting from Austria along with a friend 🙂 And we all head to an (amazing) local pub for dinner and a beer 😉 The food took a while and as you can see Piroska and I were not happy but my Sunday roast was totally worth it!!



AND I got THE BEST PRESENT EVER !!!! Thank you soooooo much mama-Piri 😉 🙂 ❤ I love this woman!!!!


This little penguin is ALL MINE – my hand knitted name on it kinda gives it away 😉

I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend 🙂 Spent it getting some much needed rest surrounded with some of my favourite people and having an amazing time! Needless to say the moment we got home and I hit the pillow I was plain dead asleep…. but feeling #grateful #loved #full 😀

How was your weekend?? I would love to hear all about!!!

PS: Thank you Decathlon for inviting me to this fun event! Can’t wait for next year when hopefully I ‘ll be the one with the trophy – watch out Corey girl 😉 hahaha!

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40





6 thoughts on “What does a DECATHLON, a Sunday Roast & a Penguin have in common?!?!?!

  1. Hey Ellen,

    What an awesome weekend. So glad you had so much fun and managed to accomplish so much, despite having a nasty cold! Hope that it clears up soon.

    Best wishes,


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