So I was in the subway – or the “tube” as Londoners call it – this morning on my way to work – and about 25 mins late – and I was thinking…

I like Fridays (who doesn’t LOL?) and this is the day when I usually catch myself kinda thinking about my week, doing my “mental” calculations of how my  week has been… Likes, dislikes, troubles.

The hardest part for all people – to my opinion – is not to be honest with other people, since that can be done by omission …. is to be honest with themselves. About things we are worried about, things that scare us, even things we would like to downright gloat about and we think it might give the wrong impression…

So I decided on a new weekly post – #FridayTruths 🙂 – And maybe take it a step further, and  turn it into a link up soon 🙂 – thoughts on that???? !!

Truths — here we go!

⊗ Seven years ago I met a girl 🙂 And we hit it off immediately. the last time I saw her was when I met her… but we kept in touch all those years. Just one of those friendships where it doesn’t really matter how often you see each other in person… She visited London with her boyfriend last week and they stayed over with @mymamus and I 🙂 It was aweosme to see her again ❤

2009                                                                    2016


⊗ Because of a nasty cold I didn’t run for 10 days straight… I feel like this totally screwed up my marathon training 😦


⊗ Had one of the WORST runs ever last night… 2.7 miles and EVERYTHING was sore and stiff

⊗  I have totally let go of my marathon goal A – which was a 4hr time… and I have gracefully moved on to goal B – just finish the damn thing…. – that one was a hard Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 12.50.57one to admit 😦


⊗ Marathon training is HARD and I am sick of it…. I know it sounds harsh and I know I shouldn’t complain since I chose to do it but it is a TRUTH!


⊗ Being in London doesn’t suck as much as it did suck this time of the year last year… 😀

⊗ @mymamus and I had our first event together 😀 😀 – and I am just grateful to be alive LOL! I did promise him there would be no running just fun stuff…well that wasn’t exactly the case and after we were done he totally wanted to KILL ME!!



Well, that’s me, being honest – with no omissions and no second thinking – with you all 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40

2 thoughts on “#FridayTruths

  1. Don’t be bummed about thinking you will not make your “A” race goal. I’m sure you’ve heard this enough already, but your first marathon should really just be to get there trained properly, and finish the race! There are soooooooo many things that can happen in 4 hours. You just never know. It’s such a huge accomplishment, so be proud of whatever time you come in. And truthfully, for the rest of the non-running world, they don’t know if a 3 hr, or a 5 hr marathon is a “good time”. It’s all the same!
    I totally get your thoughts about marathon training too. It does get to the point that you feel like the only thing you are doing is running (and sleeping, working & eating). Been there!!!! Soon it will be taper time and you’ll be going a bit crazy with that “free time”, wondering if you’ve trained enough.
    Hang in there… race day will be here soon enough!!

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