Athens Marathon – Training log Week #16

In case you didn’t see it ….


19 DAYS TO GO!!!!

Can I freak out now?????

I can not believe it has been 16 weeks already! This means I have been training for 112 days :O #speechless I seriously can not believe that in less than 20 days I’ll be lining up at the start of my first ever marathon and not only that but THE AUTHENTIC marathon! 120 years after it all started… I have goosebumps…

Ok, so last week it was me trying to get back on the horse after being pretty sick for about 10 days.

Tuesday: Tried to run and ending up coughing like crazy 😦 so I had to stop and turn around and go home in less than a mile…

Thursday: 2.7 VERY easy miles…

Saturday: 10 miles long run again very easy.

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 15.39.21.png

Sunday I tried to meet up with my friend Corey for a pilates class, and I ended up waiting for the bus for about 20 mins and by the time I found out there was an issue and the bus won’t show it was too late to get there in time 😦 Not cool #TfL …. (Sorry Corey and Eileen for not showing up)…

I know the past two weeks my training has been totally off, but as my good friend Corey reminded me today, I can turn it around. It is not too late and not all is lost – always had a thing for the dramatic 😛

Weekly mileage: 12.7 (-ish)

Total mileage: 294.7

I will add the 13.1 from my half the week before to this one 😉

Total mileage: 307.8

Weekly cross-training session: 0

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40


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