Pre-race thoughts, race plan & let the tapper begin…

No freak out… no crazy dances around the house… just me sitting here and quitely contemplating about my marathon… my very first marathon.

So thoughts…

When i started marathon training 19 weeks ago…- wow 19 weeks! That’s like l33 days! – i thought to myself you got this girl 😉 And that by the end of training i’ ll totally feel like a badass and i ll be in the best shape of my life!! Maybe even lose a bit a weight 😉 yeah well things didnt go exactly like that…

I am at my final week before the marathon and things are very different than what i thought…

At the moment i am 10 lbs heavier, tired to no end – both physically and mentally – and i ve definately been in a better shape before… also i m very – VERY – anxious about the race. I both can not wait to be there, feel the vibe, and run this historic route and also feel like my heart skps a bit every time i think about this race! By now i have mentally run the race about 20 times!


So, race goals. Lets see:

A) FINISH IT….SMILING!! Enjoy every single minute of it!

B) Try and run the whole way.

C) Try and get a time between 4:00:00 – 4:15:00

So as you can see i have re prioritize a little – @mymamus was right, i waa settinh my self up to fail with my previous goals.

Race plan…

6 gels (along with water) roughly every 7km and a few sips of an isotonic drink in between.

Plan is to start conservatively an not fast and try to gwt tyrough the 11 mile uphill. Hoping for a slower first half and a faster second half. Planning to pick up my pace after around mile 18, where the downhill portion begins.

According to my coach – Greek record holder for the authentic marathon route- to get a good result from this race you need to embrace the route. Dobt fight it, dont fight the hills. Do your best. Be conservative and when the tine comes for the downhill portion make a deal with yourself and give it all.

And THAT is exactly what i am planning to do. Embrace the difficulty and do my best. Open up my heart and my soul and take it all in. I used to thibk that the narathob is a race, (no wait you ll see what i mean) against you and the rest of the runners, the clock and the distance. No its not! Its a race against you! Against your own thoughts. Against yourself.

I was told by someone i really look up to, that this day will change me for the rest of my life. Anvi really hope it will! I want to get to know ME better. See what i am made of.

So here we are everyone… final stretch! I can not thank you all enough for sticking around and giving me all your support all these weeks!


4 thoughts on “Pre-race thoughts, race plan & let the tapper begin…

  1. Wow indeed – 19 weeks!! Congrats to getting here. Just a few more days to go until the big day! I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time wrapping my head around running 26.2 miles every time I get to that start line! But then, the first 6 miles fly by in no time. And soon you’ll hit the half way point. Then, 18 and 20 miles will be coming along. The rest of the miles might be a challenge – but YOU GOT THIS! Think of those long runs you have accomplished and all the other miles in between. You are strong. I’m excited for your race – I hope you have a great day! It will truly be a day that changes you. 🙂

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