It’s all about the race … -Belfast trip part 2

Hi all 😀

so, as I wrote before, Saturday was AWESOME in Belfast and Sunday was even better! The reason why we were in Belfast to begin with was this race, from the Decathlon running series. I have already completed two of the Decathlon running series races – one in Surrey Quays in London and this one in Belfast – and I have to say I totally loved every minute of both experiences!

From registering to the finish line EVERYTHING had been taken care of for all runners!

We arrived at the Belfast store around 8:40am and with a start time of 9:30am we had plenty of time to spare and we decided on a store tour (and bathroom breaks LOL)!


After registration – which was as easy as… “Hi, please fill out this form” and one minute later… “There you go” and your Decathlon t-shirt (I totally ❤ this one, I have used it for a few races already!) and bib are in your hands! Also another thing that I love? These races are FREE! Yes, you heard it alright…Free! screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-16-16-55

The way that race fees have been increasing lately sometimes it makes it very hard for people to take part no matter how much they want to. Also we might not have gotten a medal but we got a really cool (£10 value) goodie bag, fruits, snacks and water.


There must have been around 1000 people and there were no cues and no confusion and everyone was in great spirits with a smile on their face 😀 We went through registration in a breeze, and the staff responsible for it was knowledgable and polite. Everything was provided…from the snacks down to the safety pins 😉



After registration and since we still had sometime to kill, the blogger in me took over and there were photos over photos LOL! This is one of my favourites!


and of course….


… the traditional Instagram frame because you can not not right…? 😛

At 9:20am we all gathered at the start line, where the loud music (and probably frigid cold temps) made everyone kinda dancing, laughing and moving around. This race had an amazing crowd and some really – REALLY – incredible and fast runners… The race and crowd had an amazing feel.. It was like a celebration of some sort LOL!

Can you spot Corey and I ??!?!


And then before you know it… We were off!!!



The course was ABSOLUTELY stunning!! So incredibly beautiful!!


I did enjoy the race but it wasn’t one of my best. I forgot my GPS watch (brand new – review coming soon!!!) and I decided to run alongside Corey. If only I’d thought that one through…. She is at a much better shape than I am at the moment and also she is at the beginning of her marathon training while for me, this was my last race before the marathon! I am not as fast as I used to but my endurance has developed new limits 😀 So we took off too fast – for me – and by mile 2 I felt really out of it. I told Corey to go for it and I fell back into a slower but steadier pace. Took me a mile or so to feel better but by mile 4.5 I was settling into a nice pace. I finished with 55:59 which is about a minute more than my PB. But Corey…. She totally smashed!!! Proud of you girl!


The next AWESOME thing that happened was … Lindsay (the one with the pink hoodie)!!! This woman is a rockstar! She gave birth about 3 weeks ago and on Sunday she finished her 10km! Impressive??? Hell yes! Helen (purple shirt) paced her and she did great! You should totally read Lindsay’s race recap, its funny and inspiring!


I am so glad and grateful I had the opportunity to do this race! I couldn’t be happier and more excited to have this Decathlon 10km as my last race before my marathon… in 3 DAYS!!!! Thank you Decathlon, you sure know how to throw a hell of a race!

I’ll be definitely going back!

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40




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