Athens Marathon 2016…(part 1)!

It took me a few days to find the words for this post… I felt like simple words were not enough so i decided to just start from the beginning (that’s why I decided on part one and two so you guys wont end up reading a novel LOL).

If there is one thing that I’d like to say is that EVERYTHING that could go wrong, it actually went wrong and… I made EVERY single mistake I tried so hard to avoid! But that being said … It was a LIFE CHANGING experience that I will never forget and I wouldn’t change a thing!

So,  the night before our flight our washing machine decided to go crazy and keep my clothes hostages almost all night (sleepless night #1 – mistake #1: NEVER EVER wash your marathon outfit the day before your travel.)



Our flight to Athens was on Friday the 11th (after  a full day’s work) at 9pm and got there at 4am of Saturday morning – mistake #2 and sleepless night #2! You totally need all the sleep you can get! Also the flight was soooo crowded that it took for ever!


We finally got to Athens and I managed to get to bed at about 6:30am on Saturday morning…totally slept like a log 😉 And I was up bright and early (at about 10:30am) so we could get to the expo on time to pick up my stuff – talking about last minute hahaha – found out later that I could have sent someone else…! The expo was awesome, even though we didn’t stay for too long since i was very – VERY – tired!


One thing to note in the photo above –> me on a proper autumn/winter outfit and everyone else in summer clothes. No i am not photoshopped in the picture LOL! It was just insanely hot for November… but of course I was too anxious/excited/stressed/tired to really think about the HUGE difference in temperature (mistake #3…)


After we picked up my stuff it was time to see the family 🙂 This was one of the awesome perks or running in my home country. Both mums (mine and @mymamus’s mum) did their best to feed me as much pasta as possible 😛 with HOMEMADE pesto sauce (thank you @mymamus’s dad you rock!!) – lunch.


This is the way to cheer pre-race 😉


So, after we stuffed our faces (please note the second plate of pasta in front of me for dinner LOL!) at about 8pm we left the family and headed home for me to sleep. Hmmm well… maybe not exactly! Pre race jitters had me up until 10:45pm which after two almost sleepless nights was waaay too late… So I prepped my stuff, checked my playlist on my phone (twice), laid out my clothes and tried to sleep.


And I guess at some point I managed since I woke up at 5:50 am feeling slightly rested and very, VERY, V-E-R-Y anxious… the one thing I did right was the fact that I brought my own stuff for breakfast. Oats, PB, coconut flakes, well not my own bananas LOL but I am sure they are pretty much the same hahaha!


I had to try really hard to eat it though 😦 since I really didn’t feel like it… but i knew I had to. Also downed a cup of coffee and then by 6:30am I was all dressed and ready to go! Bus meet up point was at 6:45am and only a few blocks away from home. Double checked I have everything and then out the door we were. @mymamus drove me there and before I knew it I was standing on the side of the street waiting for the bus amongst other runners.

side note: both @mymamus and I grew up in that neighbourhood and it was almost certain that we’d meet someone we knew there and of course we did 🙂 I was very glad to get to know Maria and Vassiliki there, and who would have told me that both of them (in different ways) would save the day later on…

And on the bus I go 😀

Now from here on you ‘ll notice a … hmm… “shortage” of photos… Why is that you ‘ll wonder… Well, that is because on the bus, on my way to the start line I realized that my phone was NOT on me… I knew I didn’t leave it anywhere and I looked EVERYWHERE on the bus… So that was the point I realized that my phone aka my phone, my camera AND my music, was lost…

Stay tuned for the next part 🙂 who saved the day and the actual race!!

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40


5 thoughts on “Athens Marathon 2016…(part 1)!

  1. OMG, stop the story right now!! Losing my phone would be a serious situation and I’m pretty sure I would spend the rest of day crying ;( Can’t wait to see what happens next!! Dressing for a race is the worst – no matter what, it always seems like there is some “better” outfit at home that you’d wish you would have brought. I pack something for every weather option now. When I ran Boston it was a beautiful weekend – and then race day came and it was 40 degrees (C) and raining!! I was expecting sunny and warm. There were lots of clothes I wished I had brought. Ugh.

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