Here we are again, and one more week has come to an end. Time does fly away doesn’t it…? So #FridayTruths, here we go!

1.I decided to cut down on Caffeine and that means no coffee for at least 5 days and then only 1 a day… (jaw dropping sounds…) Yes I know trust me as someone who was drinking about 5 coffees a day for a long time now this hasn’t been easy. But I realized a few days ago that I had totally overdone it with coffee – especially since I quit smoking 3 years ago. Let’s see how that ‘ll go…

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 19.07.46

2.@mymamus is traveling again this week and I have to admit I quite miss him… but as I ‘ve been told that is a VERY good sign for long term relationships 🙂

3.I had two pieces of good news this week 🙂 One work related and one family related! Can’t say more but take it from me I was excited – and relieved!

4.Still not much going on on the fitness front… It’s weird how hard it is to get back at it once you ‘ve stopped for a while. I think it is more mental than anything else thought and I am currently working on it…

5.Looking forward to this weekend. I got absolutely nothing planned and I hope to get A TON of work done for a lab presentation that is coming up on Tuesday and also get sometime to relax, rest and workout.

6.After my – very hard- marathon I never said I’ll be saying this so soon but I have missed running! I think I’ll lace up in the weekend and hit the streets. I am getting excited even by just thinking about it! Apparently some time apart does make the heart grow fonder in every relationship even running!

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 07.31.03

7.I can’t wait for next Friday!!! It is the day when we’ll be putting up our Christmas tree 😀 This year we opted for Christmassy t-shirts and not jumpers since it gets waaaay to hot in our small apartment. Our good friend Katalin is joining us too and I can’t wait for the mulled wine and Christmas songs 🙂

8.I signed up for my last race of this year! It is a 10km at Greenwich park on the 18th and the medal is TOTALLY awesome!!!

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 10.58.49.png

And finally, don’t forget to check out my Christmas Gift guide and giveaway 😉

Well that’s pretty much it for me. Do you guys have any big plans coming up?? Any races coming up?

Have an awesome weekend everyone!!

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40




One thought on “#FridayTruths

  1. That is a really pretty medal for that race!! Love it!! I’m running a holiday race today and we get scarves! Well, I hope to get my scarf – I usually do early race packet pick up and I am waiting until right before the race today. I hope my scarf is waiting for me with my bib!!
    We have our house all decorated for Christmas and are just trying to figure out what to get our kids for presents. Sometimes it’s difficult to decide!!
    Good luck on the caffeine cut back. I do enjoy an iced coffee after I run as a reward, but I don’t think I’m dependent on it. My husband had a rough time cutting back on his Diet Coke habit. It’s tough!!

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