No more “New Year’s Resolutions” for me…

So, you know how when December rolls around there is this huge commotion about “New Year’s Resolutions” and all the things we want to do starting January 1st?? Yeah… those things that by the end of the month, most of the times, we can even remember who or what they were…  Studies have shown that gym membership purchases go up to 70% percent in the months of December and January. And you know how many of those are actually being used? Less than 30% 😦

That being said I am totally not pulling my tail out of it… I have been there, I have been this person who would swear to be better, lose weight, eat healthier, quit smoking – that I actually did but not in New Year’s… And every time when February would roll around and life would relentlessly move on and take over and the high was gone, so were my “resolutions”… And I know I am not alone out there!

This is why this year instead of making a “2017 resolutions” list, I made a “how I’d like to welcome the new year” list. What do I mean by that?

I mean no more waiting for that “magical unicorn looking like” 01/01/2017 date. Chances are most of us would be totally hang-overed or with barely enough sleep to wake up in the next morning and be healthy, fit, not smoke etc etc… So already this way you would set yourself up to fail. It’s been proved that 25% of people when they try something new if day 1 doesn’t work they never make it to day 2…so there goes your “resolution out the window 😦

So my list, is all about the things i’d like to START TRYING to change! It’s about the new year finding me ALREADY trying (or maybe have achieved some of those goals!). Resolutions fade but GOALS, are here to stay. Semantics one can say and you’d be right but it does make a difference.

Resolutions have restrictions and time frames. Goals are more flexible and if you fall off the wagon of trying for something it’s not a failure like it would have been if that was a resolution, it is a setback… (just my two cents on the matter.)


So here is my  “how I’d like to welcome the new year” list:

  • cutting down on caffeine (yeah already 2 days in without it and it’s been VERY hard… I had no clue I was THAT depended on coffee… )
  • starting a new workout program and I am TOTALLY excited about it!
  • Get my eating back on track since it was all over the place – Thank you marathon training!
  • Get my running calendar for 2017 sorted so I wont have to worry about races every month!
  • KICK ASS at work by getting as much analysis as I can out of the way!!!

See this is the same concept as “Monday I start a diet” kinda thing… that Monday comes life happens and that diet never happens…

I ordered a new planner and I – very consciously – didn’t have the first month to be January it is December. The reason for that isn’t that i am impatient (well that too…) but mainly because my old system turned out not to be working for me and I needed a new one STAT – aka before i forget another important work meeting or blog deadline…. (yup that was totally me for the last month).

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 12.19.16.png

So this time, I am going for GOALS, not resolutions, not changes, not cutting out stuff…and this is my why 😀

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40


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