Running through 2016 & I crushed my goal!!

I DID IT !!! 12 (13!) RACES IN 2016!

Ok, ok, maybe I should back up a little… for all of you who don’t remember, back in February I set a goal for myself. 12 races in 12 12 months…  and I am happy to yell scream  announce that I did!! Totally crush my goal 😀

And here it is…

  1. 10km in Regents Park, my very first race in London ❤


2. 10km in the Olympic Park – OMG it was freezing cold!



3. My first ever half marathon (21.1km – 13.1 miles)! Oh I was riding that high for days!! 😀


4. London 10,000. A beautiful route through London’s landmarks – but one of my worse races…


5. First Decathlon 5km in Canada water and first race with my running buddy Corey ❤ Kinda started out for a “fun race” – are they ever LOL?? – and they we both PR’d of course… 😉


6. 10km Parallel London race. An awesome experience, running along all sorts of runners! First race in the UK where pushchairs, wheelchairs etc can all run together!


7. My very first TRAIL RUN! It was incredible and I can’t wait to do it again!


8. OMG now THAT was fun! My first 10km obstacle race! Finished soaking wet but totally happy – my trainers and clothes were stinking for days…yikes!


9. 5km VIRTUAL charity run for spinal research! Organized by @Pennyplainfit and myself!


10. Royal Parks half marathon. Hyde park is beautiful at this time of the year 🙂 And yes, I was as tired as I looked in that photo… Also got my half marathon PR there 1:59:35 😀


11. Trick or Treat Halloween 5km Race! Had so much fun on this one…


12. Decathlon 10km race in Belfast! My very first “runcation” …! Had a blast!


I know that was 12 races but there is one more. One very special race! My lucky 13!

13. Athens Marathon 2016! My very first marathon! 5:08:11 and proud of it! I underestimated it and came back and bit me hard but i learnt so many things during that race… I wouldn’t change a thing!


So all and all I have to say I TOTALLY SMASHED MY GOAL and it feels awesome!!!

Miles and miles were logged, I met awesome people, run through amazing places and I learnt so many things about myself… So thank you running, thank running buddies, thank you family and friends and @mymamus ❤ Thank you all for running along with me this year!

On side note, I had one more race planned. I wanted to do a christmas one like crazy… I mean just look at that bling lol 🙂


But I am afraid I have to sit this one out… I have been so sick with a very nasty stomach bug since Tuesday and I can barely keep any food down 😦 Yeah it’s been a pretty yikeee few days. So there you have it, another first for this year. The first race I have to sit out… But it’s OK, I promised myself I ‘ll catch this one next time.

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays! ❤

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.40.40


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