“Just take a minute” – Ways to relax and recompose.

Hi friends 🙂

I hope you are all doing well and that this week has been treating you great so far. Things here are quite hectic the past few weeks (as you can probably tell from my “radio silence” mode…)

Work has been pretty insane – i know… i know … when isn it, right?? – and there have been quite a few changes going on. Since life happens, and very rarely asks you if it is convenient or not (LOL), all you can do is just roll with it. So, there is been quite a change of plans for me lately. You ‘ll notice that for the next couple of months I’ll be going back and forth between Athens and London quite a bit – some personal stuff going on – and also my fitness routine has changed a little bit – more about it soon! – in order to accommodate my current “country hopping” lifestyle.

I have to admit, even though I am quite flexible, all these changes were a little bit challenging. And it took a few nights with wine, good friends and heart to heart talks to make some sense out of things and get some much needed perspective. Where am I going with this mammoth introduction here? Well, if there was one advice that really hit me was, what my friend Eileen told me.

“Just take a minute”

You ‘ll probably think, what kind of advice is that… well that was all it took to get me thinking. Did I ever stop for a second? Did I give my self literally a minute of mindfully taking a break? And I don’t mean just blankly starring at your feet on your train journey… So here are a few ways that I found really worked for me to HONESTLY and TRUTHFULLY just “take a minute”!

1.Have a shower – ok ok no brainer right? Well, next time just try and take a few deep breaths. Enjoy the quite and the water.

2.Sit on a bench for a while. Sounds silly right? So, just try it out. Sit there, and again, breath…


3.Wake up, and cozy up on the couch with a blanket for a bit – stay away from your phone and SM. Starting my day like that some times, just made me able to put my thoughts in an order and really think about things that were just laying dormant in my head for a while.


4.Write down anything that you have to remember. I am a planner person and trust me when I tell you, it doesn’t have to be planning, just unload your mind/memory of things that a phone or a diary can remind you. Liberating! So much free “space” in your brain for things that really matter 😉


5.Give yourself some room for error. I struggled a lot with that one… seeing how I really  REALLY – like things to be (if not perfect at least) my way… but what I’ve learnt is that life has tons of ups and downs and sometimes things will work sometimes things wont and we have to learn to be OK with that.


6. BREATHE. Most of you who know me, know I am not a “zen” type of person. Yes, I love yoga but for its restorative effects not the meditation. But what i have found super helpful lately is to literally just stop & breath. No matter what I do or where I am if I get that feeling which says “its getting a little too much/ i need a break/ WTF” I just drop everything and literally breath for a minute… sounds weird/silly/indifferent? please try… I thought exactly the same before I took my friend’s advice and made it work.

What is your way of “just taking a minute” when you need it? I’d love to hear your ways of relaxing and recomposing!

I hope you have an amazing week everyone 🙂 Talk soon!

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